On January 29th, Rock Documented had the opportunity to witness one of the best acoustic shows to date. The event took place at the Lizard Lounge in Lancaster, PA. Located just below the . This smaller venue is perfect for creating the intimate atmosphere that an acoustic show should have.

, a local band, took to the stage at around 9 pm. The four-piece group consists of Hutch (vocals and guitar), Ian (lead guitar), Chris (bass), and Mark (drums).  According to Hutch, this was the first time that the band had played a full acoustic set together, and they did not disappoint. Their first song, “Hindrance”, had an intro that was very reminiscent of the 70’s band Eagles. The rest of their set was entertaining, playing songs that were energetic and lively. “Redemption” was especially energetic, at points it was hard to remember that this was an acoustic set. The group kept up their high energy for their entire performance, ending on a cover of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, the perfect ending to an excellent set.

After ’s gear was torn down, a single stool was placed center stage and entered with his guitar.

The lead singer of grabbed the audience’s attention right away. Hands down, the most memorable song of the night was “Ladies and Gentlemen”. This acoustic version of the song was heart-breakingly beautiful. Normally, a high energy and upbeat piece, Amaru’s acoustic version broke it down into something raw. Throughout the entire set, Amaru had a controlled and building energy. Not only did he play some Saliva hits such as “Always”, but some other crowd favorites as well, including Bon Jovi’s “Wanted Dead or Alive” and ended with Aerosmith’s “Dream On”. After this show, we are all dreaming of an Amaru solo acoustic album. If you have the chance to see Amaru either with or just playing a solo acoustic set, it will be more than worth it! His musicianship will blow everyone away!


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What could be better than going to concerts and writing about incredible rock music? For Lauren Hampton, this is a dream come true. Lauren is the first person to graduate through Rock Documented's internship program and has been writing for Rock Documented since May 2016. Lauren is not only a writer, but also enjoys playing percussion instruments and singing.

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