Lancaster, PA rockers are at it yet again with a video for their song “Without A Doubt.” This is the band’s first release since their debut EP, 10,000 Worlds Away, hit stores last May. Rock Documented was on site for the filming of this video and caught these behind the scene shots.

With this release now on the books, what’s next for you might ask? A full blown radio campaign for another single! Rock Documented was fortunate enough to be one of a very select few industry insiders to get a copy of this single entitled “Agression.”  Those who have heard them will agree that “Without A Doubt” and “Aggression” are some of the band’s best work to date.  Keep your eyes and ears open for “Aggression” being released in the very near future!

Rock Documented caught up with brothers Chris(Vocals) and Nick Zell(Drums) to discuss these releases as well as the future plans for the band.

Rock Documented:  Could you describe the premise or concept behind the video for “Without A Doubt” in relation to the song?

Chris Zell:  The hookah lounge manager seems to be an all-business dickhead in the beginning. At the end you see that he cares about the well-being of his employee more than the money that was stolen. That ties with the line, “Without a doubt I’ll take every bullet coming your way.”  Also, all the acting is done by our fans.

RD:  What are your thoughts on the video for “Without A Doubt” and the upcoming radio campaign for “Aggression?”

Nick Zell:  The video for “Without A Doubt” is our best yet, and I’m excited to hear what everyone thinks of it.  “Aggression” on the other hand, is the best song we’ve put together to date.  It hits hard and has a good drive to it.  It will also be the first SPTT song with my signature snare tone.

RD:  Where do you see the direction of She Pulled  The Trigger heading after the releases of “Without A Doubt” and “Aggression?”

CZ:  Where we are heading as far as musically is to continue evolving our original sound.

RD:  And with these releases can fans expect another EP in the near future?

CZ:  Yes.  We’re planning to have another independent EP out around this fall.  “Without A Doubt” will be included on that release.

RD:  With all of this new material, do you have a tour on the books yet to begin performing the new songs?

CZ:  We are currently booking shows for spring and fall and talking with booking agents in the Baltimore, New York, Lancaster areas and more.  We are still pushing to grow our fan base online before hitting a full tour before the time is right.

RD:  Can you speak for the SPTT Spoon which I see has its own Instagram account?

NZ:  The spoon is probably the most excited out of all of us.  It will continue to post about it’s many adventures with the band and any other new faces it meets.

You can stay up to date with everything  through social media:

And of course the SPTT Spoon at:

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