premiers their new music video for “Back From The Dead” and it just reminds us why we love them so much!

Clearly taking inspiration from a host of zombie pop culture (especially The Walking Dead), the music video begins cinematically with PTSD-affected nightmares of a world infected by a virulent strain of zombie-ism. After flashes of emergency military troops and zombified victims running through otherwise abandoned warehouse corridors, lead singer John Cooper awakens to find himself in the same reality of his dreams. And after a mission for supplies goes wrong, the band must flee a swath of brain-feeding corpse dudes.

Of course, since this is a music video, they have to temporarily halt their escape to perform some rock music for an audience of undead inside a fenced-in steel box that is reminiscent of pay-per-view WWF cage matches. Threateningly, he sings “Light it up, light it up; I’m burnin’” as the rock n’ roll walkers slowly make there way closer to the band. But when backed into a corner, the members of Skillet do what any rational person would do in the post-apocalyptic scenario and start punching zombies, one-by-one, with their bare hands. It is a brutally satisfying climax to a scorcher of a track.

You can still catch on tour at the following dates and purchase tickets through

03/16 El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls
03/17 Albuquerque, NM – El Rey Theater
03/18 Denver, CO – The Fillmore Auditorium
03/22 Corpus Christi, TX – Old Concrete Street Amphitheater
03/23 Houston, TX – House Of Blues
03/24 Little Rock, AR – Metroplex Live
03/25 Miami, FL – Miami Dade County Fair
04/22 San Antonio, TX – Fiesta Oyster Bake Festival
05/07 Concord, NC – Carolina Rebellion
05/19 Peoria, IL – Peoria Riverfront
05/20 Columbus, OH – Rock On The Range
05/21 Louisville, KY – Iroquois Amphitheatre
05/26 Pryor, OK – Rocklahoma
06/10 Charlotte, NC – Rock The Park
06/11 South Bend, IN – The Bear’s Big Growl 6
06/15 Burlington, IA – Burlington Steamboat Days
06/16 Flint, MI – Loudwire Live
07/19 Syracuse, NY – Serenity Of Summer Tour
07/20 Mansfield, MA – Serenity Of Summer Tour
07/22 Bangor, ME – Rise Above Fest 2017
07/23 Hartford, CT – Serenity Of Summer Tour
07/25 Toronto, CANADA – Serenity Of Summer Tour
07/26 Camden, NJ – Serenity Of Summer Tour
07/27 Holmdel, NJ – Serenity Of Summer Tour
08/01 Cincinnati, OH – Serenity Of Summer Tour
08/02 Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Serenity Of Summer Tour

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