Thank God for social media.

Sunday night, announced on Twitter to expect new music from in APRIL instead of the previous release date in June.

It’s a good world to be in, as he hash tagged away the news on Twitter and Instagram. Both social media outlets have garnered over 500 comments and 17k+ likes since his announcement less than 24 hours ago.

Taylor, in a recent interview with Loudwire, boasts of the new Hydrograd album to be “rock ‘n’ roll in its best form.” His enthusiastic approach and all around excitement for Stone Sour’s latest is bound to generate a lot of buzz in the rock community for this highly anticipated album. Hydrograd will be the first work we’ve heard from Stone Sour since House of Gold & Bones released in two parts in 2012 and 2013. To say that rock fans have long awaited their new material is an understatement. We all are eagerly anticipating Hydrograd’s badassery in full force come June. 

Look for further updates on the official release day, and find our page for the latest information on rock news.

Rock on.


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