When I think about new bands in rock as it applies to this era, my mind goes straight to heavy rock that borders on scream metal. Rock has risen to a level of heavy that head bangers around the world have come to expect and love. goes against the grain of this expectation, cranking out electronic rock hits that make up their own unique sound, and throwing out a middle finger to mainstream trends in the process.

is a Los Angeles based band that was formed in 2010 by Micah Electric (drummer) and Mikey Lopez (Guitarist) with the desire to bridge the gap between electro-rock and heavy metal, combining the two sounds to bring the world of rock something they’d never expect. Together with Ron Underwood (vocalist) has set themselves apart from the fold, time and time again surprising fans and newcomers alike. The latest surprise from comes with a bittersweet feeling, as we say goodbye to one beloved member and hello to an exciting new prospect.

Rock Documented got an exclusive interview with Ron Underwood about the departure of our dear bassist, Casey, and the new things we can expect with Ginny Eck.

Rock Documented: We’re all sad to see Casey go, but we can appreciate and respect his reasons. How much notice did he give you before leaving?

Ron Underwood: Well it’s definitely an abrupt transition from “in a band” to “not in a band” but in hindsight, I think there was some writing on the wall, like for instance Casey was going to bed earlier and earlier on tour hahaha! We definitely picked up on some lifestyle changes. Ginny hangs out with us ’til the crack o’ dawn so there’s a certain solidarity, a partnership in crime.

RD: Was it a shock for you to see Casey leave?

RU: As I said, there were definitely some subtle signs on tour that Casey was not as exctied to be on tour as he had been in the past, and it wasn’t a total shock… also he’s been a friend since long before 9Electric formed, so it’s not like I had to reinvent my relationship with him, stop being friends or anything… actually we just had lunch this week haha!

RD: What was the game plan once he gave his notice, did you know what direction you wanted to go in for finding his replacement?

RU: We knew right away that someone like Ginny was gonna be the best fit. We wanted to look at losing Casey as an opportunity for positive change and growth in the dynamic. The unanimous gut feeling was that a female would best serve that kind of energy for the whole group.

RD: What kind of process did you go through for auditioning new bass players?

RU: We only met with two female bassists, out at a stone fired pizza joint… Ginny being the first of the evening, we just rapped over some drinks and our manager grilled her pretty hard.

RD: What made Ginny stand out?

RU: Ginny’s credentials are off the charts- she’s classically trained (slays the violin!), toured the world in her former bands (The Red Paintings and Eyeshine, for all you Power Rangers fans!) but more importantly we just got a good feeling about her from the get go.

RD: How did you know she’d make a great fit with you, personality/vibe wise?

RU: Ginny has this “what you see is what you get” quality about her, so hanging out with her just flowed naturally with us. We clicked from the first meeting and in rehearsal, her approach was no different. Did I mention she plays the SHIT outta that bass? She brings this really cool aggression and pocket to everything.

RD: What can fans expect from 9Electric going forward from here?

RU: I think there’s a really interesting balance we’ve attained by adding Ginny to the mix- for any moment we may ever came across a bit “bro”, the female energy pulls in a direction of mystique and it’s cancelled out… and conversely, any moments that seemed a bit “pussy” for some heavier music listeners, that same mystique reframes the whole perspective there, too. We’re so stoked to all these upcoming festivals with Ginny- 9E 2.0 is gonna melt faces!!!

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