, an emo punk band from Buffalo began back in 2012. This three-piece group is made up of Anthony Musior (vocals/bass), Michael Bienias (guitar), and Jon Coric (drums). The Queen of Heaven is the band’s second album and was released back in March.

“Parlez-Vous Francais” is the first song of the album. A catchy song (especially the chorus), that combines raw emotional lyrics and gruff vocals. If you are a fan of local band , you should definitely give this song a listen. As the album continues with, “She Don’t Know”, we get more of a smooth sound from . Released as a single back in February, this song dives into the pain of not being able to let go of someone you love, even when the relationship is over.

Moving into “Thirty”, we hit the highlight of the album. Out of all the tracks on The Queen of Heaven, this song sounds the most put together. The most memorable song by far, “Thirty” will be stuck in your head for hours in the best way possible. “Kerosene” was another notable song to definitely check out, but “Enough” wasn’t just…well…enough. Lyrically, the song is great, but has a bit of a ways to go with their musicianship. The track is good, but doesn’t jump out and make you want to listen to more.

“My Love Marie” is the last song on the album. An acoustic piece for half the track before moving back into the driving forces of the drums and electric guitar. This song is quite clever. Starting off with the acoustics in the beginning and then slowly building to a tonal shift with the entrances of the other instruments is where we go from a sadly sweet story to anger and hurt. Like “Thirty”, this track is definitely one you should seek out.

The Queen of Heaven is an album full of raw emotions, both in the strong lyrics and in the driving instruments. Overall, the album is good, but is still coming into their own. If continues down this path, you can be sure to expect some great things from them.


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