Steaksauce Mustache takes pride in staying true to themselves in everything they do. The band puts their unique spin into their music and the video for their new single, “Space Bank,” is no exception.

From the first notes of the intro, listeners will be hooked as the upbeat instrumentals intertwine with Vocalist Taylor Bates infectious voice before breaking down into the heavy growls. “Space Bank” leaves fans on their toes as their chaotic hardcore takes many different twists and turns. The end result is a glimpse of what the future holds as the band may have more new music up their sleeves.

Steaksauce Mustache is known for their crazy antics on and off stage, which is showcased in the video. The band isn’t afraid to show their personalities and have fun with their music as Guitarist Brett Roos shared insight into the inspiration for the video, “Our vocalist Taylor has always had this fantasy where he’s getting chocolate milk poured on him at a party by an alien that’s disguised as a giant cat. We just wanted to use this video as an opportunity to make his wildest dreams come true. With that knowledge in mind, who is ready to make a deposit into Space Bank?”

The band is gearing up to take their wild stage show on the road later this month with American Standards, Florida Man and The Anchor (all on select dates) and promises each show will be an experience unlike any other.


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