is a band that has been around for years. After nine records, what does the band do? They name there tenth album the roman numeral, X. That’s right, they named this record 10. I’ve been enjoying their music since their first record. This new one is one of the heaviest yet. I love the vocals, I enjoy the drums, and there are good guitar solos. This album defines who is and continues to be.

“Chaos and Earthquakes” is a heavy song that has heart. It is a loud song with great vocals. The band memeers themselves are all wonderful musicians. There is no denying that this song is a standout as the most daring and straight-up rock song. Another standout is “Fix This.” I do suggest getting the deluxe edition of this album, simply because it has an acoustic version of “Fix This” which is jaw dropping. Both versions rock.

“Passive Aggressive” is a track that I’m sure many may be able to relate to. It’s a song that is blunt, which is a good thing. Bluntness in my opinion has been missing in rock. It has an eerie beginning that will remind you of Gregorian chants, then it goes right into a loudness that rivals other rock music out today. The chorus is catchy and leaves you wanting more. “Wheel Against Will” is a title that I fell for right away. The drums at the beginning will get your attention. It is heavy song which can make your skin crawl in a good way. The drums right in the middle have a great short solo, which I do believe has been missing in rock today. The guitar solo will make your heart melt. Loud and heavy, this is rock! The guitars and bass are how they’re supposed to be played. This song makes your body move.

The track “Feel The Way I Feel” has a mellow beginning and interesting vocals. This is the most chill song on the album, yet it is still heavy. The vocals are the standout on this song. The music goes from mellow to heavy, and it moves you in all the right ways. I think this is one of the best songs on X. “Position One,” the final track is so heart pounding and spine tingling, that it is almost scary. It’s loud and boisterous. It’s a song with fantastic guitars. I would be driving down the road with windows down head banging to this one.

X is what happens after nine records. is a band that has matured with each album. There a bands out there that just stay with what works and the music becomes stale. has never had this problem. This album will make you go back and listen to the earlier albums. I want everyone to hear this album. I want to see them on tour. I want the number eleven album to top this. I want you all to realize that deserves more recognition. I want you to know the spine tingling feeling you get when you hear good rock that you can head bang to. X is a must have for any music collection.

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