The Veer Union is a band that has been around for a little over a decade and it has been a decade since the release of their first album. Because of this, the band is celebrating with the release of Decade 2: Rock & Acoustic.

The rock is electric and the acoustic is soothing. This can make one drift into the world of The Veer Union. It will be a world that you want to be in. Songs such as “Embrace the Day”, “Last Regret”, and “Letting Go” will leave you feeling electrified. The relaxation of acoustics such as “Numb”, “Awaken”, and “Living Not Alive” will give you chills. This is a playlist for any and all music fans.

“Save Yourself” is a hard driving, gut-wrenching song which makes one need a long drive with the windows down. It is hard lyrically and musically. The drums are a standout as they make your heart pound. “Embrace the Day” has a great beginning that will make one think of a good way to start a revolution. This song reminds me of the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding in the way it sounds. The song is a great way to start the morning.

 Another track that will make one realize what a good hard rock band is, is the song “ City of the Sun”. The guitar alone will make you fall in love with this song. A great bass and good drums, followed by good vocals make for a great rock song. This will make you want more of The Veer Union. “Last Regret” with a softness in the beginning which makes it almost dream-like, this song is on another plane of existence. It picks up and becomes a good dream. “Letting Go” is what we all face at some point in life. It is a hard driving lyrically driven song which will make you realize sometimes letting go is best.  Great lyrics, good guitar, and good drums make this a song to remember. “Epic” ends the rock before it goes into acoustic. This is the remake from Living Colour and it is a good cover. A deep voice into a harsh guitar and drums! I loved this song then and still do. It is what else can I say, it is an epic song.

Let’s talk acoustic! “Numb” kicks off the acoustic section, now this is where it becomes emotional and difficult for me as a writer to review. I am a huge Chester Bennington fan, as well as Chris Cornell. Both of their deaths hit me just as hard as David Bowie’s passing. I was a mess. When I hear any of their work I have the most respect. This is why it is hard. The Veer Union have done it right though. They took an already beautiful song and made it their own. An acoustic version is very good and musically it sounds good. A job well done on an iconic song. It gets thumbs up from me. “Living Not Alive” is the acoustic version of the song that you will hear on the rock side as well. I like both versions but I do like the acoustic just a small bit better. I am weird like that. A softer version of a beautiful song, one that has one of the most wonderful lyrics that I can remember correctly and sing along.  This is the kind of vocals that show what rock vocals can be. It is lyrically great , the guitar is on point, and the vocals are strong and powerful. This song will cut right into your soul. Simply wonderful.

“Man into Machine” is a deep, dark, eerie feeling throughout. This is what makes it great. It does make me think of the daleks from Dr. Who and I do not know why. The music is all there to make for a great song and it goes beyond just great in its acoustic version. “Awaken” a song to wake you up. It wakes you up to a sound that is soothing. Its melodies and harmonies will make you need this every morning. The acoustic song “Last Regret” will remind you why like the song. This song rounds out the acoustic set of the album very well. It still has softness and hardness to even out everything. The vocals are good. It is good in both versions.

The Veer Union is a band that is full of talent. They will continue to release good music and many new fans will discover what a great catalog the band has . This is an album that is great playlist which is diverse enough for any day. Going on a long trip pop it in and enjoy. A long day and ready for a relaxing bubble bath, pop it in and relax. This album is ready for anything life throws at you. Listen and chill.

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