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Lost In The Moment is the debut EP from music artist Bexley. She is a fierce female who has the heart and soul of an alternative rock queen. Her music covers topics such as toxic hard love and figuring out what is going on in the world today. This debut EP is a rock journey through many questions.

The first track, titled “Run Rabbit Run,” is not about the Easter bunny. It is a rock song that deals with the topic of female empowerment and in this present time, and the topic of so many news reports. It is a hard-driving guitar song with drums to match. The lyrics are smart and it will make one think about the shit that many women have to go through. It will give women confidence and make a mark on any woman. It is a song that will be hard to forget. It also has rocking beat that will make one want to move.

The next song is titled “Toxic Love” and is about unhealthy relationships. Unfortunately, this is an all to common subject that happens more often than than it should. It has a slower beat and a sadness to it. It is a heavy subject, but it is a good song in its composition and vocals.

“Falling To Pieces” is reminiscent of a lighter style of grunge from back in the day. It begins with a great guitar riff and the underlying bass line is memorable. The chorus is catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

Another notable track is “Sometimes” and it’s the strongest song on the EP. It showcases her vocal style well and it is produced great. This is a song that will give you the feels. It has a good drumbeat throughout. The lyrics are strong and it is good song writing. It begins slow and picks up the beat with a strong entrance. Again, the bass line is underlying and noticeably wonderful.

The EP wraps up with “Deal,” which is another powerful song. It contemplates how to manage in the changing world of today. The problems in the world can be overwhelming if thought about to much, similar to overthinking relationships. The vocal style on this song is changed up a bit in comparison to the other tracks and showcases her good range.

Overall, Lost In This Moment is good and Bexley is an artist to watch. Her alt-rock style shows a maturity to what was once thought to be a dying genre. It is now being resurrected by music artists like Bexley; a strong female with things to say through music. I suppose in a strange way girl power is back and thriving. Rock on and enjoy this good music. Check out Lost In This Moment today!

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