HELLYEAH has released their first single “333” off the anticipated album featuring legendary drummer Vinnie Paul’s final work.  An all-out rager that prominently highlights Paul’s expert percussion skills. Chad Gray, lead singer, gives us a screaming demonstration of things to come on the new album scheduled to be available June 28th on the Eleven Seven Music label.  The companion video was released on the same day.  The band invited fans to show up at Duff’s in Brooklyn, NY to be part of the next chapter in the HELLYEAH video catalog.  The band looks crisp and ready to break faces in this release. There are numerous shots of remaining members Christian Brady, Tom Maxwell and Kyle Sanders thrashing on guitars.  The video is also a memorial to Vinnie Paul and ends with a shot of him smiling behind his kit. It’s as if he is looking down from heaven giving a big thumbs up to the band for moving forward.

This three minutes of deliciousness leaves us wanting more from our beloved HELLYEAH.  Pre-orders are available on the band’s website. Currently, there have not been any plans announced for a formal tour. There is, however, a memorial tribute planned to take place at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on May 11, 2019.  This is no doubt going to be a special event for those who can make it. #333

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