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WTHCNVCTN has released their debut album Burn Out Bright. This is a personal album that deals with the sobering issues of addiction and depression. The album certainly does rock out, however. The first song is the title track, “Burn Out Bright,” and comes in with a charging bang. The drums are fantastic, if just for the raucous they are making, vocals are sharp, and the guitar riffs are quick. This is a great way to kick off an album.

“Cigarettes & Sin” begins slowly with a soft spoken vocal, then goes full force into a rowdy track. This will be the head banging dream song. Another track is “Sink/Swim” and it begins with what sounds like water before it introduces a flexible guitar riff. Once the vocals begin, the drums come in quick and wild. This song smacks you in the face with its boisterous sound. It goes slow to fast, to slow back to fast. This has a catchy beat that rocks your soul. “Alium Tera” is a song that sounds like rock in outer space. It has a lot of riffs with a short-spoken word. The vocals come in hard and the lyrics are thought-provoking. The instruments are rambunctious and hard which makes it interesting to listen to.

The darkness of “… About Myself” is profoundly personal. The lyrics are a stand out on this song. It is certainly the best track on the album. It is a song that anyone can relate to. When the beat licks up, it brings the power of the lyrics to life. Everything works in this one song. The drums, vocals, guitars, and bass are mighty.

“Through The Dark,” with its futuristic sound and its complete harshness throughout, makes it a notable song. In the sing “Valinor,” pay attention to the guitar, for it is simply beautiful. This song begins light then goes into darkness.

The album brings out something that is beautiful and soulful. It reaches inside of you and pulls out all kinds of emotions. Anyone can understand where the album is coming from. These are not light topics, yet it is conquered passionately. No listener will be disappointed.

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