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Ghost Season has released a five track EP, From The Otherside, which includes two covers and three acoustic acoustic. This band from Greece is full of creativity and talent. The first track, titled “Fade Away,” begins with great guitar and a quick drumbeat. The vocals are raspy, which add to the mystery of the song.  Another song, “The Highway,” is glorious in its potent tenderness. The vocals are lovely. The guitars are delicate. This is good all the way through.

“Incomplete” is a cover of the Backstreet Boys song, and  it’s complete in every way. The vocals have a maturity to them. This cover could be played over and over, and you would never get tired of hearing it. “The Vampire” a creepy title but a great song. The vocals are silky and meaningful. The guitar is quiet but packs a punch. It does get a little strange, but then again, the supernatural is strange. It has nice quality, perfect sound, and comes together nicely.

The EP wraps up with a cover of Blue Öyster Cult’s, “Don’t Fear The Reaper.” It has an amazing feel to it since it is an acoustic version. Acoustic covers are hard, let alone a cover of such an iconic song. This is surprisingly good, and the track holds true to the emotional sound of the original. The vocals are alluring and sexy, the guitars are charming, and the drums are delightful. The violin that comes in is graceful and delicate. This elegant cover Ghost Season has created an impressive tribute to Blue Öyster Cult.

Overall, this acoustic EP makes for a grand acoustic addition to any playlist. The songs can be played anywhere and match any mood. There are two stunning covers and pleasing originals. If you are into any kind of acoustic artistry, then this EP is for you. This is a superb in its composition, engineering, and overall production.

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