Them Guns release From The Shadows

Them Guns release From The Shadows

Them Guns recently released their full length album, From The Shadows, on February 22, 2019.  This issue is a gathering of 12 songs for 43 minutes of throwback pleasure.  The entire album has an 80’s New Wave feel that begins with Navarone Garibaldi’s deep baritone vocals.  He also contributes his guitar talents to blend with Chuck Holiday’s bass and complimentary vocal support.  On a side note, Garibaldi is the son of Pricilla Presley and brother to Lisa Marie Presley, which makes him no stranger to the music industry.  Rounding out the band are Lorenzo Perez on drums and Kyle Hamood on keyboard. The keyboard is a significant element of this album and gives it that synth pop, new wave feel.

Three of the songs were previously exposed in the 2015 film, Shut Up and Drive.  These are “Close Your Eyes”, “Devil’s Eye” and “Heard it All Before”.  Track 2, “Fireworks” is a clap along song that has a video that showcases the band’s energy and edginess.  Other noteworthy tunes are “Sidewinder” and “Heard it All Before”. Both of these have a heavy emphasis on synth with fast tempos and catchy beats.  Another standout, “Muffins” has clever lyrics that make you smile as you listen.This band has a wide variety of influences from The 1975, Grateful Dead, The Killers, Queens of the Stone Age and Muse, just to name a few.  This album translates these influences throughout. Listeners who like Peter Murphy, David Bowie and The Church will enjoy From the Shadows and its retro feel.

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