Through Fire, the hard rock band from Omaha, Nebraska has just released their latest single, “All Animal”.  This revamped four piece consisting of Justin McCain-Guitar, Grant Kendrick-Vocals, Grant Brooks-Drums and Kyle LeBlanc on Bass are literally fire with this new tune.  The single was premiered as an exclusive on SiriusXM’s Octane channel and is the preview to their album coming in July of this year.

“All Animal” is a fist pumping rager that is equal to a dozen energy drinks mixed in with a shot of tequila.  It is a take names and ask questions later kind of anthem that makes you want to pound your chest like a beast in the jungle.  “Never give up, never give in” is the band’s motto. With this latest endeavor they have nailed it again.

Sumerian Records on behalf of Through Fire have put out a call to those in the LA area to be part of their video shoot on May 22nd.  This is an exciting opportunity for fans who can make it. They are planning a co-headlining tour starting in July to coincide with the new album.  To date, the new tune’s lyric video has over 91 thousand views on YouTube. This is good forbearer of things to come for the group’s sophomore endeavor.

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