Album Reviews

Hailing from Florida, 100 Watt Vipers is a band that just released a new album, Holy Water. The first track is “Aces High” and begins with a guitar riff which makes your foot tap. The track has a gritty feel in a rock ‘n’ roll way. The guitar is the
The Southern California band, Badflower, released their first full length album on February 22, 2019.  Prepare yourself, this collection of 13 songs is not for the faint of heart. Each song has been carefully crafted to evoke the most powerful emotions possible while dealing with deep and often taboo
Our Untold Story is an alternative rock band out of Stockholm, Sweden with a new release titled My Dreams My Rules, released on June 3. It is in time for summer airplay on many platforms. Their story begins in 2012 and since has formulated five EP/album releases. “Sexy Blonde”
Let’s travel back in time. Rock ‘n Roll is about attitude, whiskey, and not-so-thinly-veiled innuendos. Tunes soar with awe-inspiring choruses and blazing guitar solos. Every front man has a respectable amount of chest hair.  If you're thinking, “Sister, I’d hop right in that time machine before you can say 'Sunset
Lost In The Moment is the debut EP from music artist Bexley. She is a fierce female who has the heart and soul of an alternative rock queen. Her music covers topics such as toxic hard love and figuring out what is going on in the world today. This debut
PORN is back with The Darkest Of Human Desires - Act II. This album is a follow-up to The Ogre Inside - Act I, which was released in 2017. This album has Mr. Strangle come again into a gothic and mentally unstable world of murder and mayhem. It is not
When thinking of music out of Athens, Georgia, REM and the B-52s may come to mind, but you're in for a big surprise. Athens-based Lullwater has been around for about a decade and they have brought back rock ‘n’ roll with a grunge vibe. One of their singles is a
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult is a band that defies all that society considers normal and this is a good thing. Their latest release, titled In The House Of Strange Affairs, is a funky album which embodies what every fan loves about this band. Hailing from Chicago, IL, they have been around since
Holy White Hounds gained fame with the release of their song "Switchblade" off of their debut album Sparkle Sparkle in 2016. Now, just two years later, they've come out with a second full-length album Say It With Your Mouth. This album boasts 12 songs and a “Thirsty” intro and outro which isn't
The Veer Union is a band that has been around for a little over a decade and it has been a decade since the release of their first album. Because of this, the band is celebrating with the release of Decade 2: Rock & Acoustic. The rock is electric