Rock Documented recently had the chance to interview Jordan Griffin from Them Evils about their new single, “OVRDRVE” and other random stuff.When we connected with Jordan, he was drinking his daily coffee. Apparently, he drinks a lot of coffee…. a pot a day! We talked about what the band has been
What a difference a year can make!  The guys in Of Limbo have come a long way since a death defying accident last year.  For any other band, this could have been the end.  Not for these guys! They have an unwavering commitment to their craft of creating and
Rock Documented: You start and finish out this tour as headliners for your 10th Anniversary Tour. How has it been so far? Crispin: It's been amazing. It's been one of the best tours we've ever done actually; especially as a headliner. We're excited to be out here and excited to be
Rock Documented recently had the chance to interview the up and coming band, Filmspeed. The power trio, originally from Detroit, have relocated to Southern California in hopes of making their rock and roll dream come true. Their sound is a mixture of punk, funk, and rock with a dose of
Jacksonville, Florida is where it all began for 100 Watt Vipers. The year was 2013, and now after six years and three albums let’s hear what the guys have to say. Rock Documented: How would you describe your sound for those who haven’t heard of the band? Paul Joseph: Very stripped down
There is this little band that began in 1993, a post-punk band that has become a success. The guitar riffs and lyrics are something that dreams are made of. However, this being said, are they the “ultimate Dad band?”  This is an interesting way to see a band which has
Tod Junker creates masterpieces out of whatever he desires to do. He does everything from the  thriving clothing line, Junker Designs, to the rock punk band, Die Fast. He has a flare for having fun with anything he develops and that is what makes him successful. I had the opportunity
Hailing from Huntington Beach, CA, Them Evils are definitely one of the hottest bands in the nouveau classic rock scene right now. You may have caught them at many of their headlining shows or on tour with other bands including The Pretty Reckless, Zakk Sabbath, 10 Years, Red Sun
Silent Theory is a band that is coming back with a fierce readiness for what is next. The new single “Before the Storm” is one that is harsh and tears at your heart strings. Speaking with Robert James, guitarist from Silent Theory, was my pleasure. Here is what we chatted
The band is gP. Interesting rhythms with a beat that is sure to move you. Claiming that Ghost Parade died and therefore gP. is born. Out of Oakland California, this band puts a spin on all things that are trip culture. This is good. The new track "Tape You" is