Looking for high quality photos of your favorite bands, both local to Lancaster and nationally recognized groups? Then look no further! Rock Documented will bring you the best band pictures around and a few interviews/reviews here and there. We are sure to not disappoint! Why the tagline “Flash is Off”, you might ask… “Please no flash photography during the performance” is a phrase commonly heard just before any performer takes the stage. T. Cody Strubel, founder of Rock Documented, has always had a passion for music; a passion that has motivated him to get closer to the bands that he enjoys seeing at concerts. What better way to get closer to your favorite bands than by taking their picture? At first, Strubel attended small venues with no camera policies. While attending these venues, Strubel would try to go unnoticed with his photography, keeping his “flash off”. The only thing that Strubel wanted noticed were his photos. After posting the pictures that he took on social media, and receiving positive feedback, Rock Documented was born. Not only does Rock Documented provide high quality photographs, but we will also take you inside the band’s mind as well by interviewing the members.