Album Reviews

Welcome to the South- South England that is.  The Other Side by Matt Long and the Revenant Ones takes you straight to that feel of Southern rock with their debut album.  TO be released on July 16, 2021, this impressive compilation features nine nuggets of juicy goodness.  Unfortunately, the pandemic
The Small Town Titans are an American rock n' roll power trio from York, PA, consisting of: Phil Freeman – Vocals/Bass Ben Guiles – Guitar Jonny Ross – Drums The Ride is a 10 track masterpiece. Track 1, "Rufflin’ Feathers", starts out with Phil’s rattling grand scream and is quickly joined
Get yourself ready!  Blacktop Mojo has dropped their latest endeavor.  The EP, Static is a compilation of four new songs which really show the emotional and contemplative side of the band.  With this release, the Texas Quintet has generated the follow up to their 2019 critically acclaimed 2019 Under the
As a resident of Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region, this is a real privilege to review Another Day Dawns latest music, the EP Stranger.  Hailing from scenic Lehighton, Pennsylvania, Another Day Dawns was originally formed in 2010 by drummer Nick McGeehan and guitarist Tyler Ritter. The addition of front man Dakota McGeehan & his one-of-a-kind
“The most disturbingly heart-breaking, maniacal, thundering album about aging that you will ever hear”. The cover of Ozzy Osbourne’s new album has him wearing a frightening bowler hat, leather jacket, leaning on a cane and grinning with utter lunacy. However, if you look very closely, you see a face that contains
Loser Delusions is the third full length album released by the stoner rockers, Black Mastiff. These friends have been playing music together for almost ten years. Clay Shea (Bass), Allan Harding (Drums), and Bob Yiannakoulias (Guitar/ Vocals).  Loser Delusions, is a follow-up from their 2015 strong release Music Machine. I really enjoyed
Dan Kincaid is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/guitarist with a deep love for all things rock! Dan was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, but moved to Hollywood to pursue music. During his time in Los Angeles, Dan has fronted a number of bands such as Spit Out Star, SuperNo, and Six Days ’Til
Serve a Thirsty Moon is an eclectic collection of short songs (most are under the 2-minute mark) by the Indie band, Smug Brothers.  These guys have had some year, as this is their 3rd release in 2019! Their innovative outpouring of music speaks well for the tenacious foursome, who have
A Killer’s Confession (AKC) recently released their sophomore endeavor, The Indifference of Good Men, which you can now find under the Metal category on Apple Music and other music outlets.  The band which first formed in 2016 has followed up their original debut album, Unbroken, with a power house effort
Minnesota based, cinematic rock band COYOTE KID has announced the release of their hotly anticipated concept album, Skeleton Man. Funded in large part through fan support via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Skeleton Man introduces fans to the dark world first revealed in the debut single, “Femme Fatale.”  Coyote Kid is:  Vocals/Guitar