Album Reviews

Black Heart Saints is a quality, no-frills hard rock band out of Austin, TX. Their sound is creatively their own. If I were to describe it, I would have to say it reminds me musically of Velvet Revolver and vocally of Tesla. With a wink of respect to the band,
ODDFELLAS is a Texas 4-pc band consisting of Drake Fisher on Lead Vocals, Dako Ryan Esparza on Guitar, Lino Alcaraz on Bass and Mason Galavis on Drums.  They are a Rock N’ Roll band from Pampa, TX with a Southern Rock, Blues, Alternative feel. The EP starts out with the song,
Lonely Dakota is a UK band that describes their sound as Indie-Alt-Southern Rock. Their EP, End of Days, was released on June 28, 2019.  The EP begins with “Victoria”, a power ballad that is both beautiful and melancholy as it seduces you with poetry set to music.The lyrics are exceptional for
Los Angeles band Charming Liars are building upon their 2019 breakout year with a 4-song acoustic EP, Bare Bones. I found this EP to be a solid and poignant performance, full of unexpected twists and turns. These stripped down songs really showcase the instrumental talent of Karnig Manoukian and Mike
First let me start off by saying that my son asked me to review this album. I believe he thought this would be a bonding experience for us, something we could enjoy together. As a man who grew up in the 1970’s, I secretly had only a pittance of hope
Minneapolis based band Cold Kingdom has released their long awaited full length album, Into the Black Sky.  This compilation is eleven songs filled with creativity and raw emotion.  The female fronted group released their first single and video, “A New Disaster” which has already reached close to 50 thousand views
Orlando based rockers, Wake Up Hate, have released their debut EP, Deep Sleep, consisting of seven solid tunes that will keep your interest for all 26 minutes.  These three guys are impressive considering they only recently formed the band within the last year.  The band consists of Jake Adkins on
If you’re feeling a little hopeless and lost, I have found a band for you!  Awake at Last is a band that wants to be known as a shining light of positivity in this oftentimes dismal and dark world.  They are about to release their first full length album,
Rock 'n roll just isn't dangerous anymore. I'm not talking the bad kind of danger that plunges our musical heroes into addiction and abuse, taking them from us too soon. I mean unexpected antics that make you say "what the hell?" Or "hell yeah!" I'm talking when the music
Megalith means a very large, rough stone used in prehistoric cultures as a monument or building block.  This album is definitely going to be a building block for 9Electric’s credibility as a solid rock and roll band.  The quartet from LA has given us a monumental effort with their latest