From Ashes To New Close Out “The Blackout Pt. 1 Tour” With Back To Back Sold-Out Christmas Hometown Shows In Harrisburg, PA

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Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

From Ashes to New’s Hometown Christmas Show at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) on Sunday, December 17th was a thrilling spectacle. The second of two consecutive sold-out shows demonstrated their rising fame and the impact of the band’s latest album, Blackout.

Ekoh, known for his unique fusion of hip-hop and alternative rock, or “Heart Hop,” kicked off the night with “Let Down,” which set a reflective and energetic mood. His songs “Ted Talk” and “numb” showcased his lyrical skills; delving into personal experiences and societal observations.

Songs like “Hole in Your Head” and “WAYSIDE” displayed Ekoh’s talent for combining catchy tunes with thought-provoking lyrics, while “End Game” and “Villain” emphasized his storytelling abilities. “HELLO LØNELINESS” was a touching moment in the set, with Ekoh’s emotional delivery striking a chord with the audience.

Wrapping up his set with “Freeverse 3,” Ekoh showcased his impressive rhythm and wordplay, leaving the audience with a glimpse of his raw talent and authenticity. His performance stood out, proving that he’s an artist to keep an eye on in the music scene.

Next up was Catch Your Breath, who started their set with “Deadly,” a track that highlights their dynamic sound and energetic performance style. “Dying on the Inside” followed, a song that underscores the band’s ability to balance heavy instrumentation with catchy melodies.

A highlight of the set was the performance of “Mirrors,” which featured Ekoh. This collaboration added a unique element to the set, blending Catch Your Breath’s rock sound with Ekoh’s “Heart Hop” style.

“Cycles” and “Shame On Me” continued the high-energy performance, with the band’s tight rhythm section and powerful vocals taking center stage. “21 Gun Salute” had the crowd on their feet singing along, with its catchy chorus and memorable guitar riffs.

The band wrapped up their set with “Dial Tone,” a track that encapsulates their sound – a blend of heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and emotive lyrics. This song served as a fitting finale to a performance that showcased Catch Your Breath’s talent and potential in the rock scene.

The Word Alive, known for their dynamic blend of metalcore and alternative metal, delivered a set that was both intense and emotionally charged. Opening with “Strange Love,” the band immediately set a high-energy tone for their performance. “THANK YOU” and “MONOMANIA” kept the momentum going with their powerful mix of melodic choruses and heavy breakdowns.

“Life Cycles” and “Slow Burn” are tracks that showcase the band’s ability to craft songs that resonate with their fans on a deeper level, while “Trapped” and “Nocturnal Future” demonstrate their technical prowess and intensity of their live shows.

“One of Us” and “New Reality” rounded out the set, leaving the audience with a lasting impression of The Word Alive’s signature sound and the band’s commitment to delivering a memorable live experience.

From Ashes to New opened their set with “Armageddon,” setting a high-energy tone for the night. “Dead to Me” and “Broken” followed, showcasing the band’s knack for creating catchy hooks and memorable choruses.

“Monster in Me” and “Scars That I’m Hiding” highlighted the band’s ability to blend heavy riffs with melodic elements, while “My Fight” and “Heartache” demonstrated their lyrical depth and emotional resonance.

“Echoes,” “Hate Me Too,” “My Name,” and “Panic” kept the energy high, with the band’s dynamic performance style engaging the audience. “Barely Breathing” served as a poignant moment in the set, with its emotive lyrics and powerful delivery.

The band’s performance of “Crazy” and “Nightmare” kept the audience engaged and energized, even as their set was nearing its end. A surprising and enjoyable twist was their rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You”, which added a festive element to the show.

The band closed their set with “Through It All,” a track that encapsulates their sound – a mix of heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and emotive lyrics. This song served as a fitting end to a performance that showcased From Ashes to New’s talent and versatility in the rock scene.

Night 2 of From Ashes to New’s Hometown Christmas Show was a celebration of hard rock and metal, with performances that showcased the talent and passion of each band. From the openers to the headliners, the night was a testament to the power of live music and the unifying force it can be.

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