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Baroness and Red Fang Bring the Sludge to Harrisburg

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Last Saturday night, the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center played host to a triple-bill of sludge metal heavyweights – Baroness, Red Fang, and Lybica. The bands were in the middle of their co-headlining US tour in support of Baroness’ latest album Stone.

Lybica kicked things off with a punishingly heavy set of down-tuned riffs. While staying true to their sludge metal roots, the Pennsylvania natives brought an infectious intensity that set the perfect tone for the night.

Next up were the bearded stoner rock kings Red Fang. The Portland quartet’s groovy, fuzzed-out jams had the crowd nodding their heads in unison from the first note. Highlights included the lurching groove of “Shadows” and the stomping riffs of “Prehistoric Dog.” Red Fang’s set was a masterclass in writing catchy yet uncompromisingly heavy riffs.

Headliners Baroness took the stage last, supporting their critically acclaimed 2023 album Stone. The Savannah sludge lords wasted no time in pummeling the audience with their unique blend of thunderous riffs, soaring melodies, and John Baizley’s powerful vocals. Older cuts like “Shock Me” and “Take My Bones Away” were met with roars of approval from the dedicated fans.

However, it was the new Stone material that really showcased Baroness’ musical evolution and growth. The sprawling complexity of “Last Word” and the proggy twists of “Beneath the Rose” demonstrated the band’s willingness to expand their sound while retaining their signature heft. Baizley’s emotive vocals and Gina Gleason’s intricate guitar solos added an extra dimension to the band’s trademark sludge assault.

By the time they closed with the epic “Isak,” Baroness had thoroughly convinced any remaining skeptics that they are one of the most vital and forward-thinking bands in modern heavy music.

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