is an alternative band from Arizona. They have played with bands such as Against the Current, As It Is, Metro Station, Never Shout Never, Set It Off, Waterparks, and many more. Earlier this year, this three-piece band released their newest album, Sleepless Nights. is made up of David Kleinebreil (vocals/guitar), Zach Rabago (bass), and Vic Chan (drums).

For those of you who might not be familiar with the Arizona band, let’s take a trip back in time to 2014 to when released Remember. This album consisted of five songs. This particular album focused on faster paced songs with one or two slower ones, making a diverse piece. In 2015, Believe dropped with seven tracks, and still had a decent balance to the album as far as the diversity in music the band was putting forward. Though, Sleepless Nights seems to have done the reverse of Remember. In these five songs, there are more slower pieces than the faster paced ones.

The first, and one of the more faster paced songs on the album is “Break You”. Very reminiscent of early , “Break You” is a good transition into this new world that the band is creating. It gives longtime fans something that they would expect, but still throw in a few little surprises here and there with how much the band has grown over the years. The next song is the title track. “Sleepless Nights” is definitely the highlight of the album. With lyrics like “You think too much, it’s hard to let go, don’t worry about what you can’t control. I’ll tell you as many times as you need, you are right where you need to be”, has created a chorus that will have you humming along with them in no time.

“Just Breathe” reminds listeners to do just that. Following “Just Breathe” is “Love”. This song is also a nod back to some of older music. Another highlight from the album, and probably the catchiest track is “Better”. This song will have you bopping you head the entire way through and the lyrics will be stuck in your head for hours in the best way possible.

Overall, Sleepless Nights is great album to drive along to with the windows rolled down. Never Let This has produced a sound that is reminiscent of alternative bands such as Relient K and are worth giving a chance.


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