If you are a fan of , you might want to consider giving a try. This group from Ohio started back in 2012 and is made up of Andy Bane (vocals), Tyler Smyth (vocals), Alex Asch (guitar), Jake Bonham (bass), and Katie Cole (drums). Though is often compared to , they definitely do stand apart from them. Blacklist_, the band’s newest album is proof of this.

have come a long way since they released their first album, Collapse, back in 2013. Combining rock, rap, and electronic is going to be a feat, but manages to do this with ease. Their energy carries through the entire album, but it’s “Kill Everything” that sets the album up for success. The beginning of this track, pulls you in by slowly building until the first rap verse. This song raises a middle finger to all those who tried to hold back.

The title track comes next, keeping with the expecting building that “Kill Everything” set up. “We’re not through till I say it’s over,” said it first. They are here to stay, so get ready for more! “Crawl Your Way Out” and “Singularity” are very reminiscent of Collapse. These tracks are a nod to the band’s past, while showcasing just how far they have come since 2012.

At first, “Nothing Worth Saving” feel a little disjointed from the album. Up until this point, the rest of blacklist_ is unapologetically in your face about who are, but this song is more along the lines of self-doubt. Listen closely. Almost at the end of the song, these lyrics “You’re not using me, so get used to that. Cause if you push me down, I’m gonna push you back, and that’s that”, turn the tone back around.

“Glass on Water” is filled with a lot of powerful imagery. “You’re not using me, so get used to that. Cause if you push me down, I’m gonna push you back. And that’s that”. Probably some of the strongest images that have produced yet. Closing off the album is “Invincible Summer”. This acoustic track slows down the fast momentum of blacklist_. The perfect ending to an amazing album.

are back and better than ever! Blacklist_ has a great track list from start to finish, with a little something for everyone.


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