The mysterious streets of New Orleans create the perfect backdrop for songs dripping with sultry sadness, and sometimes it takes years of searching and divine destiny to make something beautiful. Blues in My Blood was worth the wait.

The back story is necessary to fully appreciate This February release. Tiffany Pollack reunited with her biological family as an adult. She found she comes by her love for music naturally, and eventually ended up making Blues in My Blood with Eric Johanson, her long lost cousin. This family reunion brought about something truly inspiring–Pollack and Johanson’s individual styles stand out in the 11 tracks on Blues in My Blood. At the same time, there’s a charming chemistry that makes it feel cohesive.

Pollack’s deeply emotional crooning contrasts beautifully with Johanson’s comforting and buttery-smooth delivery. Their voices blend to paint a striking picture on the pounding and mournful “Memories to Forget” and the slow-dance-in-the-kitchen worthy “Get Lost With Me.” “No Expectations” is the peak of this album’s duet deliciousness. Johanson’s voice forces you to feel every syllable, as Pollack brings stunning texture to the tune.

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Blues in My Blood is not all brooding. The rock and funk of “Keep it Simple” brings Pollack’s voice to the forefront, with Johanson showing off razor sharp solo skills. If this one doesn’t get you dancing, or at least singing with Pollack’s attitude-filled demands, then you might want to check your pulse. “Diamonds on the Crown” Is another raucous blues-rock jam. “Do I Move You” is a super sexy guitar and piano-driven track, made even more steamy by Johanson’s sweltering solo.

If you really want to dig into what Blues in My Blood is all about, just listen to the masterpiece of a title track. “Blues in My Blood” offers every single thing any blues fan could ask for. Pollack artfully tells the heartbreaking story of her mother being forced to give her up for adoption. Any song that starts, “My daddy was a handsome devil…” is bound to take you on a wild ride. Johanson’s guitar is a welcome voice in the song, bringing personality to the already rich track as he switches between rock and blues effortlessly. Every lyric is ocean-deep and hits you hard: “I spent my whole life looking at faces, I spent my whole life crawling in the dark.” This song is a must listen.

If the world was fair, this is the kind of music the masses would flock to. Songs that stick to your bones like a hearty meal. Songs that make you feel something. But if the world was fair, who would want to sing the blues?

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