Bring Me The Horizon: Post Human USA Tour // Minneapolis, MN // 10/12/2022

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“You’re fucking mental.”

A phrase used to describe the insanity that occurred this night, both on social media and multiple times throughout the concert. Minneapolis gave Bring Me The Horizon a run for their money and a show they’ll likely never forget.

A lineup consisting of Siiickbrain, Grandson, and Knocked Loose was guaranteed to increase the intensity and hype; a long night full of crazed moshers hell bent on proving their ilk. Starting with Siiickbrain, Caroline Milner (Ms. Siiickbrain herself) came out looking like she was born ready to rock. Hailing from North Carolina, she proved that more can come out of that state than country music. With siiick screams she wailed about mental health struggles, recovery, and redemption. Their song “Break Me!” had a fun melody that reminded me of a children’s rhyme but much, much angrier. A band worth checking out if you struggle with mental health and need some songs to scream along to.

But then oh how the tables turn, Grandson was something nobody could have prepared me for. I expected scream-rock to be a continuous theme throughout the night, but trust Bring Me The Horizon to choose a complimenting variety of talent. Grandson brought the vibes, all of them. The lead singer, Jordan Benjamin, is the type of guy that makes cool people wish they were as cool as him. One of my favorite songs of the night, “Despicable” brought forth the synth mix we love and respect with deep bass drops worthy of a head bang. If you haven’t heard of Grandson before this tour, yes you have. Their final song, “Blood // Water” ranked 25 on the Top Billboard charts in 2017 and there’s no missing that mixed pop-rap-rock track. Grandson had the entire massive venue singing along before he was through.

If the whiplash from scream-rock to mixed pop-rock didn’t throw you for a loop, this roller coaster of a show then drops you for one with Knocked Loose. I wasn’t prepared physically or mentally for what was about to happen to me. It didn’t matter where you stood in the crowd, you weren’t safe from a good (albeit crazy) time. Knocked Loose members stalked the stage with intensity, demanding moving bodies like they were out for blood. Attendees appeared to be there as much for Knocked Loose as they were for Bring Me The Horizon and they were a mosher’s dream. If you’re into hardcore metal that doesn’t relent, catch the next closest show you can immediately.

Have you ever felt excitement radiating throughout a crowd before a headliner comes on? Take that feeling, and triple it. Amongst a sold out crowd of 5,000 people, the energy and anticipation for Bring Me The Horizon was palpable. If you’ve been on Bring Me The Horizon’s social media, you would recognize their recent A.I. promotions of their Post Human content. A pale-faced woman with demon horns who appeared to speak directly to the audience manifested on the screen to demand mosh pits and consumption of illicit drugs. Then out came the band, with Oli Sykes casually strolling on stage as if he were playing in an unknown dive bar to a crowd of twenty. Completely unbothered, Sempiternal fans were treated to “Can You Feel My Heart” as the opening song.

Keeping up the energy, they immediately dove into “Happy Song” and I got chills listening to the amount of people chanting “S-P-I-R-I-T” while the pulsing thrum of the bass vibrated through my body from the air around me. This is where the pit opened up to record levels, just before he sang, “So let’s sing along, let’s sing along, a little fucking louder.”

Right after this, we snagged into a little issue with someone in the pit. Right at the beginning of “Teardrops,” quite literally just before the bass drop, Bring Me The Horizon immediately stopped playing and focused in on a person hurt in the mosh pit. Oli demanded everyone back up and give security space to reach the person in need. Since the show was sold out, we were already ass to elbow as it was, but I got to learn who my neighbors were real quick as we were all shoved together to allow room. We were held like this for approximately five minutes before the show resumed. Bring Me The Horizon made a show of announcing at the beginning that we’re here to look out for each other and to keep each other safe, and they proved that it wasn’t just words for liability. They truly care about their fans and their safety and in this world, more of that is needed.

Bring Me The Horizon brought back up the energy with “Mantra,” “Dear Diary” (my personal favorite), “Parasite Eve,” and “sTraNgeRs;” packing in their latest music in the middle of the show like a beautifully wrapped present before treating us to the candy filled stocking that followed with “Shadow Moses” and “Kingslayer.”

“DiE4u” slowed down the heavy metal for a quick breather, and set up the pop vibes of Bring Me The Horizon’s set before crash landing us into their heaviest song of the night “Diamonds Aren’t Forever.” To aid in the pure rage of this song, Oli brought out Bryan Garris from Knocked Loose. If we weren’t already convinced that fans of Bring Me The Horizon were also fans of Knocked Loose, this combination proved it without fail by the sheer insanity that ensued. Piggybacking off this energy, “Drown” rounded out the main event in a jump fest that rocked the building.

For our encore, “Obey” kept the excitement, “Follow You” brought a sweet and collective connection amongst the crowd, and “Throne” sent everyone home as husks of themselves. Sweat-drenched moshers, tousled crowd surfers, and aching head bangers spilled out onto 6th St with awe-filled eyes, chills on their arms, and fervent conversations about “the best show I’ve ever seen.” Bring Me The Horizon leaves yet another town reeling in their wake. But Minneapolis left a lasting impression in return, earning praise and numerous media shout outs on their Instagram that bled into the following day.

I think it could be agreed on both sides that Bring Me The Horizon couldn’t come back to Minneapolis (and America) soon enough. Keep up to date with everything BMTH and find out when they will be playing a show near you here.

Far away in a land where they say things like “Yeah, youbetcha” and “Don’tcha know?” resides rock-loving, head-banging Kristi Burnison. Growing up in the land of country music, Kristi had the type of parents that gave her freedom to explore and enjoy different genres of music. She’s the girl you find air drumming her steering wheel at stop lights and head banging at her desk. Kristi loves all things animals and nerdy. If you can’t find her at the nearest rock show, she’s probably rolling in the grass with puppies because she loves dogs as much as she loves music. With a passion for photography and an imagination large enough to fill a library, Kristi joins Rock Documented with renewed vigor for the music industry. You see those ear buds in her ears? They aren’t playing Taylor Swift. They’re playing I Prevail. Let’s get rowdy.

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