K. Kostrzewa

Far away in a land where they say things like “Yeah, youbetcha” and “Don’tcha know?” resides rock-loving, head-banging Kristi Burnison. Growing up in the land of country music, Kristi had the type of parents that gave her freedom to explore and enjoy different genres of music. She’s the girl you find air drumming her steering wheel at stop lights and head banging at her desk. Kristi loves all things animals and nerdy. If you can’t find her at the nearest rock show, she’s probably rolling in the grass with puppies because she loves dogs as much as she loves music. With a passion for photography and an imagination large enough to fill a library, Kristi joins Rock Documented with renewed vigor for the music industry. You see those ear buds in her ears? They aren’t playing Taylor Swift. They’re playing I Prevail. Let’s get rowdy.


April 3, 2017
If you ask me what countries are dominating the rock industry in the world today, my response would be “Hands down, Sweden.” Every hard rock fan in America knows who Avatar is, but if you turn your attention to bands coming out of Sweden right now, you’ll find a band by the name of Smash Into Pieces. Formed in Orebro,


The beauty of finding new things to discover about someone is experiencing the mystery that surrounds them. A perfect example of such mystery is the band DED. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, DED apparated on radio waves everywhere with their hit single “Anti-Everything” and impressing big names in the industry.