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Detroit’s rock scene is unreal, spilling out acts like Mark Tremonti and The White Stripes and anything in between. Motor City hasn’t failed us (well, there was that incident with Insane Clone Posse, but I digress) as they bring us yet again another noteworthy band. Formed in 2011, the band known as claims charismatic Christina Chriss (vocals), powerhouse Joey Fava (drums), slick Zach Bolling (lead guitar), fly Ronnie Rosolino (rhythm guitar), and hip Cody Morales (bass). graces us with their rock punk presence that demands we stand up and take notice. After a self-titled EP released in 2012 and Unbreakable released in 2014, has been trucking along at full speed and is set to release their debut full-length album Experience. Rock Documented was blessed with an advanced copy to covet and get hyped about.

Composed of 13 tracks, Experience boasts of a rock punk feel and a driving force only those blessed by talent can achieve. The introduction is a tantalizing thirty seconds of radio feedback and a sultry voice inviting you into the rabbit hole of the “Kaleido Experience.” It then cuts into the first full track, “Blue Collar Delight”, with in your face heavy guitar and Christina’s punctuated scream. The song highlights the delights of living in a middle-class society, and appreciating what you have. It’s a party rock song that you need to have in your pre-game playlist.

Get after it with “No More Little Miss Nice Bitch”, which rolls through with unapologetic guitar hooks and hard hitting beat. This is a take control song that every woman in her lifetime needs at some point. The no nonsense lyrics hit the nail on the head for tumultuous relationships. When I’m ready to have someone put up or shut up, this is the song I want to have my back.

“On One” is your trademark bad girl song, done with straight class. Laid back guitars and steady drums weave you through the dips and valleys of this call and response song. Twinged with a funky vibe, manages to successfully win over the hearts of millennial age rockers. Their second single from Experience, “Trouble in Paradise” wins me over as my favorite song on the record. With carefully planned electronic sampling and reggae funk, hooks you in with sleepy bass and drums. There are so many turns it rivals a rollercoaster, but hold on to the ride because it’s worth the thrill.

If you’re looking for something to aid your broken heart, “All Together” is the song for you. Showcasing Christina’s soaring range, this song is all together (see what I did there?) heartbreaking and cathartic. Experience takes you on a trip you can’t be prepared for. Isn’t that usually the best kind?

Don’t miss out on debut full-length album out May 19th. Catch it on Itunes or Pre-Order online at their store… and pick up some sweet merch while you’re at it.

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Give their latest single “Die Trying” off Experience a listen below:

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