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The beauty of finding new things to discover about someone is experiencing the mystery that surrounds them. A perfect example of such mystery is the band . Seemingly coming out of nowhere, apparated on radio waves everywhere with their hit single “Anti-Everything” and impressing big names in the industry. Gaining quick popularity, they released another song “FMFY” and their name appeared on huge festival line-ups. I quickly became obsessed with this mysterious new band, where all I could find out was their origin from Arizona and one band picture with their “dead” eyes.

Despite that we now have more information surrounding this breakout band of 2017, DED still has an air of enticing mystery kick starting them into what’s bound to be a successful career. consists of Joe Cotela (Vocals), David Ludlow (Guitar), Kyle Koelsch (Bass), and Matt Reinhard (Drums) to form a hair raising, and yet intriguing, group that rage with in your face metal and the stuff of nightmares.

Mis-an-thrope, DED’s debut album is set to release July 21st, 2017 and for the fast-growing fans of this band, that day can’t come soon enough. Mis-an-thrope is an 11 track album, chock full of the heaviest music rock fans have been dreaming of. When it comes to shoving rock down your throat to make you see the real world, comes in with the precise formula to wake you the fuck up. Kicking off with “Architect” this is exactly what they do, with thrashing guitars and an angry yell that tells you to “Get up and Fucking Go!” There’s no better song to get your ass moving than this one. If you were looking for a song to lose it in the mosh pit with, this is it.

Brilliantly moving forward, brings us their first single “Anti-Everything” as the second song on the record. If you haven’t heard this song, then excuse me when I say you’ve literally been living under a rock and I will forever call you Patrick (and if you don’t know that reference, then you deserve it even more.) “Anti-Everything” is the best anthem against this opinionated world. With an industry growing in songs similar in nature to this, it takes a stance against all the plagues of our society as a whole. From feminism to racism and everything in between, Joe Cotela nails it with the vocals, his scream punctuating every crucial point and emphasizing his intolerance of all the hate.

Skipping forward to “Remember The Enemy” we get a taste of with a little lighter feel. For the fans of metal core, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of unclean vocals and hammering guitar to go around. “Remember The Enemy” pushes the clean vocal bill and a mix of sampling that weaves in and out with welcoming ease. We get to hear the beautiful range of Joe Cotela’s voice and the creativity that makes unique. “Hate Me” comes about with the sing-song feel of a children’s rhyme, only in metal version… which makes it all the more likeable in my book.

“Beautiful” rounds out the album with a slow piano/power ballad. However, it’s not like what you’d imagine most piano involving songs would be like. Joe Cotela sings with a tense veracity, like he’s clenching his teeth in anger. As if every word he is singing fills him with more hate for the subject he is singing about.

translates the anger filled feelings of our youth into a perfectly tailored album. If you’re fed up with society, let say it for you. They have a song for all the fucked up shit you’re sick of dealing with. For your own sanity, pick up Mis-an-thrope out Friday!


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIAnddiMAL8]

Ded – Upcoming Tour dates

August 9 – Diamondz Events Center – Jerome, ID  (KEDJ show)

August 10 – 3rd Wheel – Lewiston, ID (KOZZ show)

August 11 – Knitting Factory – Spokane, WA (KHTQ show)

August 12 – Knitting Factory – Boise, ID (KQXR show)


Ded Festival Appearances (More coming this fall)

7/22 — Rise Above Festival – Bangor, ME

9/9 – Revolution Rock Festival – Foxwoods Resort, CT

9/22 – High Elevation Rock Festival – Denver, CO

9/30 – Louder Than Life -Louisville, KY

10/1 – Sonic Boom – Janesville, WI

10/7 – Rock Allegiance – Camden, NJ

10/15 – Houston Open Air n- Houston, TX

10/22 – Aftershock – Sacramento, CA

11/5 – Ozzfest Meets Knotfest – San Bernadino, CA

1/18/18 – Shiprocked


Ded with Korn, Stone Sour and more

07/19 – Syracuse, N.Y. — Lakeview Amphitheater

07/20 – Mansfield, Mass. — Xfinity Center

07/23 – Hartford, Ct. — Xfinity Theatre

07/25 – Toronto, Ontario — The Molson Amphitheatre

07/26 – Camden, N.J. — BB&T Pavilion

07/27 – Holmdel, N.J. — PNC Bank Arts Center

07/29 – Noblesville, Ind. — Klipsch Music Center

07/30 – Clarkston, Mich. — DTE Energy Music Theatre

08/01 – Cincinnati, Ohio — Riverbend Music Center

08/02 – Cleveland, Ohio — Blossom Music Center


Connect with Ded

iTunes pre-order link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/mis-an-thrope/id1238486219?app=itunes&ign-mpt=uo%3D4

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dedofficial

Twitter: https://twitter.com/weareded

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dedofficial

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/0EJ8q62CX4O52UjTN2bAEx

Smart URL to all streaming/sales outlets: https://smarturl.it/misanthrope

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DEDband

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