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If you ask me what countries are dominating the rock industry in the world today, my response would be “Hands down, Sweden.” Every hard rock fan in America knows who is, but if you turn your attention to bands coming out of Sweden right now, you’ll find a band by the name of . Formed in Orebro, Sweden in 2008, defines themselves as an alternative rock/metal band. They forgot “stellar” in their definition.

Picking up their most recent album, Rise and Shine, which hit the market on January 27th, it kicks off with “Turn it Down.” A slow, pleading intro ushers us into a literal snappy beat. It’s the party song to add to your playlist, with lyrics that refuse to quit and electric sampling that is almost rage worthy.

Any song that mentions Batman within the first 30 seconds of a song is an immediate winner in my book. “Let Me Be Your Superhero” promises the listener a steady beat that builds with your feelings, giving a sort of inflated ego along with it. Your general idea of this song changes with the lyrics towards the end, where it jumps into a confusing “Anywhere you go I’ll follow/Hoping I could show I’m not the enemy/Wishing you would see that I am more than a stalker.” I don’t know whether those chills on my arms are from intriguing, albeit freaky, lyrics or if it’s because I feel like I should take a closer look at my friends.

Rise and Shine plays into the electric trends of alternative rock with songs like “Higher” and “Save it for the Living” , both of which provide a pop-like nature. “Save it for the Living” highlights Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye’s vocals, both his raspy lows and soaring highs. “Higher” provides the most electronic sampling, replacing parts of the vocals in the chorus with a series of keys.

“YOLO” easily became my favorite on the album. Chris Adam Hedman Sörbye’s voice reminds me of Chad Kroeger in the early Nickleback days, when they were at their peak. Growly, rebellious and just my kind of call and response lyric, this song is the most rock part of this album. “YOLO” jumps out with prominent guitar hooks paired with a steady drum beat to throw your horns up to.

has been out on tour with the likes of , and . They are prepping for a tour around Europe this summer, but keep an eye out for any US dates.

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Find Rise and Shine on Amazon, iTunes, and Google.

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