The Moon City Masters is a duo consisting of twin brothers Talor and Jordan Steinberg straight out of Brooklyn. It feels like these guys were time warped from the 70’s with the groovy mission to supply us with those funky guitar riffs, driving beats to dance to and songs to make you feel good! Their latest release is an 11 track blast titled, The Famous Moon City Masters, set to drop on Nov 4, 2022.

On this album, the artists pay homage to some of the greats who came before them. You will be delighted to hear music that is both original and also diverse enough to take you back to the days when Steely Dan and The Doobie Brothers ruled the airwaves. These fellows have a beautiful harmony, strong on the guitar and bass, and simply put, full of character and verve.

“Takin it Back” starts off the album with a driving beat and funky rhythm reminiscent of an early Bachman Turner Overdrive. The song is cool and catchy! “Spinning Wheels” and “Take Me Far Away” have the Steely Dan feel, and both are good enough that I could hear them coming out of my car radio today. “Send it on” is another jazzy track that feels it has already been on the air. ”No Warning” and “I’ve got a Feeling” are two of my favorites. The latter one especially, has a style that reminds me of a 1972 track from Grand Funk Railroad’s Mark, Don & Mel Album called “Footstompin’ Music.” I wore that album out when I was a teenager, and I’m feeling the same about The Famous Moon City Masters. “Over Now” is another great track! If you are a fan of Richie Blackmore from the British band, Rainbow, then you will love this track. “Real Thing” has a definite Doobie Brothers /Chicago vibe, while “Trust Someone” has beautiful harmonies that could stand right up there with “Logans & Messina.”

If it sounds like I spent this review comparing The Moon City Masters to other great bands, it is because their music quickly pulls you back to that era. However, they are much more than just a technically flawless band. They gave me 39 minutes of joy, happiness and a renewed appreciation for a style of music I thought was behind me. I guess great music never goes out of style…it just waits for the right band to resurrect it.

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