From The Vault – Shallow Side’s ‘Saints & Sinners’ Album Review

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On Shallow Side’s Saints & Sinners album, the arresting introductory notes are dominated by Eric Boatright’s robust and resonant vocals, mixed intriguingly against the seemingly held-back instrumentation. There’s an unmistakable tension brewing, as if a storm is approaching. And then, in perfect synergy, both vocals and instruments surge forward, launching us into the powerful anthem “Revival.” From that electrifying juncture, the track is a relentless sonic onslaught that screams pure rock passion.

“Sound The Alarm,” the album’s debut single, strikes with a brazen and bold intensity that’s irresistibly magnetic. The song’s euphonious, head-banging rhythm captivates listeners instantly. Seamlessly blending rock and roll elements, it serves as the perfect introduction for those unfamiliar with the band’s electrifying sound.

“Temptations” quickly stands out as my favorite track. The depth of vocalist Eric Boatright’s voice is so profound that it’s almost hard to believe this is the same man who brought the house down on the previous four tracks. When he tenderly vocalizes the word “emptiness,” there’s a palpable sorrow conveyed, making listeners feel every ounce of emotion. This song isn’t just a track; it’s a testament to Boatright’s exceptional talent and remarkable vocal range.

The track “Hallelujah” quickly rockets up my list of favorites, though for entirely different reasons than its predecessors. Brimming with the kind of drive and attitude one craves from a quintessential rock song, it evokes memories of Motley Crüe’s “Dr. Feelgood.” A harmonious blend of intensity and playfulness, it’s the kind of song I can loop for hours on end without tiring. Following on its heels, “No More” showcases some truly brilliant guitar work. The energy is palpable from start to finish, with Eric’s voice melding seamlessly, amplifying that vibrancy. It carries echoes of early Aerosmith, albeit with a smoother vocal touch.

“Not Alone” is presented primarily as a piano ballad, and it’s nothing short of a home run. With its inherent elegance, captivating hook, and powerful harmonies in the chorus, it encapsulates everything one desires in a power ballad. A tip of the hat to the band for such an exemplary piece!

Shallow Side stands as a testament to genuine rock music, crafting songs that not only resonate deeply but are also impeccably executed. Dive into their compelling album, Saints & Sinners, and experience the depth of their artistry firsthand.

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