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With the release of The Fourth Album by Bourbon House, we can rest assured that blues-rock is alive, well, and in good hands.

The album starts out with the high octane song,“Resonate.” It begins with a frantic drum beat which is quickly joined by a screaming guitar, then pounding keys. This leads into Lacey Crowe’s furious vocals, which takes us on such a journey that by the end, the listener is left just as breathless as the singer. As the Boomers and Gen-Xers had Heart’s “Barracuda,” the Millennials are treated to Bourbon House’s “Resonate.”

“Love is a Killer,” “Out for Blood,” and “20 to Life” continue the blues-driven hard rock format with a precise recklessness. They feel like a jam session that just created something unique and wonderful.

“High Road Gypsy” and “Blue Magic” are beautiful songs. The words are simple and the music keeps to the background. So why are they beautiful songs, you may ask? It’s the way they are sung! Lacey wails the lyrics at you like a possessed woman! She’s got some Joplin in her that just comes out like a fire, hot and sultry. If you like Sheryl Crow or Melissa Etheridge, you will love these tracks.

“Villain” and “Hotel Bar Blues” are showcases for Jason Clark’s guitar swagger. He has the grittiest blues guitar riffs you’ll ever find. The sound is timeless but also uniquely his.

“Wild Days” is just crazy good. I’ve listened to it a dozen times now and pick up something new every time. It starts out like a sweet ballad, then goes to a place I can only describe as Turkish hookah lounge music before transitioning into hard rock. It repeats this a couple of times and ends just as sweetly as it begins. I never knew that I needed to hear music like this!

“Devil on my Heels” was originally on their album Into the Red, but this is a stripped-down live acoustic version. I actually prefer this one. It has a much more southern feel to it. In my peculiar mind, this is the soundtrack to a movie about bootlegging, car chases, and swamps with alligators.

The album concludes with an acoustic live version of “High Road Gypsy.” It’s just as beautiful as the studio version, but feels a little more personal.

Each album that Bourbon House releases is better than the last. The genuineness of The Fourth Album blazes brightly, so much so that it deserves to have a place in your collection.

Track Listing:
 1. Resonate
 2. Love is a Killer
 3. Out for Blood
 4. High Road Gypsy
 5. 20 to Life
 6. Villain
 7. Hotel Bar Blues
 8. Blue Magic
 9. Wild Days
 10. Devil on My Heels Acoustic (Live)
 11. High Road Gypsy Acoustic (Live)

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