Drowning Pool & Saliva Headline The SNAFU Tour At The HMAC Featuring Adelitas Way & Any Given Sin

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On a Wednesday evening at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) located in the heart of Harrisburg, PA, the SNAFU Tour made a stop that would be etched in the memories of the many rock enthusiasts in attendance. This electrifying night was graced by the astounding performances of hard rock bands Any Given Sin, Adelitas Way, Saliva, and the night’s headliner, Drowning Pool.

The show began with a thunderous performance by Any Given Sin. Though they might be considered as the newer kids on the block within the hard rock realm, they’ve rapidly established themselves with their enthralling sound and charismatic stage presence. The crowd was treated to an array of their chart-topping hits, such as “Insidious,” “Another Life,” “Dynamite,” and the emotionally charged “The Way I Say Goodbye”. Each song resonated with the audience, as the band exhibited their undeniable talent and potential.

Following this energetic kickstart was none other than Adelitas Way, the Las Vegas-based five-piece rock ensemble that has been delighting fans since their formation in 2005. Their matured sound, combined with their years of experience, was evident as they took to the stage, immediately getting the audience to join in, belting out lyrics and swinging to the rhythm. The set was a brilliant blend of their classic hits and fan favorites such as “What It Takes,” “Still Hungry,” “Ready for War (Pray for Peace),” and “Notorious”.

Saliva, the seasoned band originating from Memphis, Tennessee, in 1996, was up next. They have carved a reputation for delivering some of the most high-voltage live shows, and this night was no exception. Their unique fusion of hard rock and the edginess of nu metal kept the crowd on their toes. The audience reveled in the nostalgia of hits like “Come Back Stronger,” “Ladies and Gentlemen,” the iconic “Click Click Boom,” and new favorite “Crows”. They also showcased a wider range of their repertoire, ensuring that both old and new fans were catered to.

Capping off the night was the powerhouse Drowning Pool, hailing from Dallas, Texas. Since their inception in 1996, they have consistently remained at the forefront of the hard rock scene, and their performance that night was a testament to their enduring appeal. Opening with the gripping “Sinner” and transitioning through hits like “37 Stitches” and “Rebel Yell,” they showcased their vast range. The crowd was especially ecstatic when the band played their iconic anthem, “Bodies”, making for a fitting climax to an extraordinary evening.

Any Given Sin
Adelitas Way
Drowning Pool

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