The Lovedraft Chronicals – The SoapGirls Return

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Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

The SoapGirls made a triumphant return to Lovedraft’s Brewing Co. in Mechanicsburg, PA, on October 12, 2023, as part of their vibrant touring schedule. This event, hosted by 717 Entertainment, LLC, marked another memorable moment in the band’s journey, showcasing their unique blend of punk rock and fearless performance style. The SoapGirls, consisting of French-born sisters Millie and Mie, have been known for their audacious and straight-from-the-heart music, earning a formidable reputation on the international stage. Their return to Lovedraft’s was part of their extensive touring efforts, which in 2023 included the Love Potion Tour, highlighting their dedication to connecting with fans across the globe, including the United States, UK, Europe, and Japan.

The band’s history of engaging live performances, starting from their early days as street performers in Cape Town, has culminated in a series of tours that have not only showcased their musical prowess but also their ability to create an inclusive and energetic atmosphere at their shows. Their 2023 return to Lovedraft’s was no exception, offering fans a chance to experience The SoapGirls’ dynamic energy and raw authenticity up close. This event underscored the band’s continuous evolution and their commitment to delivering unforgettable live music experiences to their dedicated fanbase, the ‘SoapSuds,’ some of whom follow the band across continents to catch their live performances.

The SoapGirls’ journey from street performers to punk rock sensations has been marked by their unyielding spirit and the creation of outsider anthems that resonate with audiences worldwide. Their performances are a testament to their punk credentials, rubber-stamped by appearances at major festivals and tours that have solidified their place in the punk rock genre. The return to Lovedraft’s in 2023 was a celebration of this journey, offering fans a night of high-energy punk rock that only The SoapGirls can deliver.

The SoapGirls Tour

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