Pop Evil Bring Their ‘Flesh & Bone’ Tour Through Reading, PA

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Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

The Pop Evil Flesh & Bone Tour stop in Reading, PA on Friday, November 3rd, 2023, at Reverb was a night to remember for hard rock fans. The concert featured not only the headliner, Pop Evil, but also Fame On Fire and LYLVC, each bringing their unique sound and energy to the stage.

LYLVC, a relatively new band, opened the night with a set that included their songs “Barely Human,” “Undertow,” “Unstable,” “Crawl Space,” “Dangerous,” “Paper Dreams,” “Perfect Drug,” and “Into Nothing.” Their performance was well-received, with their blend of song ballads and rap elements resonating with the audience.

Following LYLVC, Fame On Fire took the stage. Their setlist included a mix of their popular tracks and new releases. Their music that doesn’t shy away from themes of anguish, loss, and toxicity in relationships and life. They kicked off their set with the energetic “Welcome To The Chaos,” followed by “Emo Shit,” and “Her Eyes.” The band then performed “Robbery,” a song that showcases their ability to blend melodic elements with heavier rock influences.

The middle of their set featured “Ketamine,” a track that highlights the band’s versatility and ability to experiment with different genres. This was followed by “Signs,” a song that resonated with the audience due to its relatable lyrics and catchy melody. “Cut Throat” and “Lost in Doubt” were next, both songs showcasing the band’s heavier side and their ability to create a powerful live performance. The band then performed “Headspace,” a song that has become a fan favorite due to its catchy chorus and relatable lyrics.

The penultimate song of their set was “Numb,” a track that showcases the band’s ability to blend melodic elements with heavier rock influences. They closed their set with “Plastic Heart,” leaving the audience wanting more. Fame On Fire’s performance was a testament to their musical versatility and their ability to engage the audience with their energetic performance and relatable lyrics. Their set was a mix of different genres, showcasing their ability to blend rock, hip-hop, and heavy music into a unique sound that resonates with their fans.

The headliner of the night, Pop Evil, delivered a powerful performance. Pop Evil’s performance included songs “Paranoid (Crash & Burn),” “Deal With the Devil,” “Let the Chaos Reign,” “Circles,” “Work,” “Be Legendary,” “Who Will We Become,” and “Skeletons.” The band’s current single, “Skeletons,” has become a fan favorite for Pop Evil and is now approaching eight million streams.

As the night progressed, Pop Evil’s drummer, Hayley Cramer, emerged as a standout performer. Her powerful drumming not only provided a solid backbone for the band’s hard rock sound but also added an extra layer of intensity to the performance. Her skillful drumming techniques and energetic stage presence were a sight to behold, leaving the audience in awe of her talent.

In contrast to the high-energy rock anthems, the band also showcased their versatility with a few slower songs. Lead singer Leigh Kakaty and the lead guitarist created a more intimate atmosphere as they performed a few ballads. Among these was the song “100 In A 55,” a poignant track that provided a refreshing change of pace near the end of their set. The song’s heartfelt lyrics, combined with Kakaty’s emotive vocals and the guitarist’s melodic playing, created a beautiful moment that resonated deeply with the audience.

This balance between high-energy rock and slower ballads demonstrated Pop Evil’s wide-ranging musical abilities and their understanding of pacing a live show. The band’s ability to seamlessly transition between these different musical styles kept the audience engaged throughout the performance and added depth to their set. The standout performances by Hayley Cramer and the emotive ballads like “100 In A 55” were just a few of the highlights that made this concert a memorable experience for all in attendance.

The Pop Evil Flesh & Bone Tour stop in Reading, PA was a memorable night of hard rock music. Each band – LYLVC, Fame On Fire, and Pop Evil – brought their unique sound and energy to the stage, delivering performances that resonated with the audience and left a lasting impression.

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