The Bring Back The 2000s Tour Featuring The Union Underground, Soil, Ra, & Flaw

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The “Back To The 2000s Tour” is a revivalist’s dream, a thunderous throwback to the era when hard rock was saturated with gritty riffs and raw vocals that echoed through the angst of a generation. On March 16th, the tour made a seismic stop at Reverb in Reading, PA, featuring a lineup that reads like a roll call from the early aughts’ most rebellious rock roster: The Union Underground, SOiL, Ra, and Flaw.

Flaw, hailing from Louisville, Kentucky, burst onto the scene with their major-label debut Through the Eyes in 2001, showcasing a blend of nu-metal and hard rock that resonated with fans seeking both aggression and melody. Their performance at Reverb was a testament to their enduring appeal, with vocalist Chris Volz’s impassioned delivery and the band’s tight musicianship reigniting the fire of tracks like “Get Up Again” and “Payback.” Flaw’s set proved that their music still holds a special place in the hearts of hard rock aficionados.

Ra, named after the Egyptian sun god, brings a unique blend of hard rock and nu-metal with a touch of Eastern influence, setting them apart in the genre. Their debut album From One gave us the hit “Do You Call My Name,” which showcased their ability to weave heavy riffs with melodic choruses. Ra’s music is a bridge between the mystical and the mosh pit, a fusion that has garnered them a dedicated following.

Ra’s recent performance at Reverb was a testament to their musical prowess, kicking off with “Fallen Rock Zone” and seamlessly weaving through hits like “Violator,” “Fallen Angels,” “Rectifier,” “Sky,” and “Do You Call My Name.” This setlist not only showcased the band’s versatility across their discography but also their deep connection with the audience, who were captivated from start to finish. The unique aspect of this performance was the minimal live setup, featuring only Daniel “Sahaj” Ticotin and the drummer on stage, which added an intimate yet powerful dimension to the show.

SOiL, hailing from Chicago, has been a staple in the hard rock scene since their formation in 1997. Their breakthrough album “Scars” in 2001, featuring the anthem “Halo,” cemented their status as hard rock heavyweights. SOiL’s sound is characterized by its heavy, groove-laden riffs and the raw, emotive vocals that can turn from a growl to a melody in a heartbeat.

SOiL took the stage with a ferocity that matched the intensity of their studio recordings. The set was a relentless barrage of hits, with the band’s gritty performance reminding everyone why they fell in love with SOiL’s music in the first place. The crowd erupted when Ryan McCombs leaped into the crowd and closed with “Halo,” the song that arguably defined their career.The band’s connection with the audience was palpable, turning the venue into a communal space where every word was shouted back at the stage with fervor.

The Union Underground, from San Antonio, Texas, are the quintessential hard rock band of the early 2000s, known for their platinum-selling album “An Education in Rebellion” and the WWE anthem “Across the Nation”. Their sound is a combustible mix of industrial rock and nu-metal, with anthemic choruses and a rebellious spirit that resonates with the hard rock community.

The evening kicked off with “Drivel,” gradually building momentum and setting the stage for a night filled with raw power and relentless energy. As the set progressed through songs like “Trip With Jesus,” “Natural High,” and “Bitter,” the band demonstrated their musical prowess and the enduring appeal of their catalog. By the time they launched into “Turn Me on ‘Mr. Deadman’,” the atmosphere was charged with excitement, with Bryan Scott’s commanding vocals and the band’s tight performance reminding everyone of their significant impact on the genre. The setlist, a mix of deep cuts and fan favorites, showcased the band’s dynamic range and ability to connect with the audience, making for an unforgettable showcase of their career-defining moments.

The “Back To The 2000s Tour” stop at Reverb was a celebration of an era that shaped the hard rock landscape. Flaw, Ra, SOiL, and The Union Underground delivered performances that were not only a nod to the past but a statement that their music is timeless. The raw energy, the anthemic songs, and the communal spirit of the night proved that hard rock is not just a genre; it’s a way of life. For those who attended, the event was a reminder that the fire of hard rock still burns brightly, fueled by the bands that refuse to let the spirit die.

The Union Underground
The Union Underground Tour

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