A Night of Hard Rock Majesty at Lovedraft’s with Nita Strauss

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Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

The Lovedraft’s Brewing Company in Mechanicsburg, PA, recently played host to a night of unadulterated hard rock, headlined by the guitar virtuoso Nita Strauss. The event, part of a tour that’s been igniting stages across the nation, brought together a lineup that promised to deliver a high-octane experience. Fans of the genre were treated to a showcase of raw talent and energy, with performances from ANOXIA, Diamante, Starbenders, and Nita Strauss herself.

Resurfacing in 2022 after an eight-year hiatus, ANOXIA, formed by the dynamic vocalist Chrystal James in 2004, reclaimed their position in the hard rock landscape with a vengeance. Known for their commanding guitar riffs and vigorous rhythm section, the band’s presence on the stage at Lovedraft’s Brewing Co. was a potent display of their unwavering dedication to the genre. The performance was a seamless blend of energy and precision, with ANOXIA delivering tracks that fused melodic finesse with the raw, unchained power that hard rock aficionados have been yearning for since their departure from the scene.

Diamante Azzura Bovelli, known mononymously as Diamante, is a hard rock artist with a sound that’s as sharp as her name suggests. Born in Boston and of Mexican and Italian descent, Diamante has been making waves with her powerful vocals and anthemic songs since her debut album Coming in Hot in 2018. Her music is a blend of hard rock and alternative, with a modern edge that’s both refreshing and deeply rooted in the genre’s traditions.

Diamante captivated the audience with a stage presence that has evolved into a mesmerizing, almost vintage charm, akin to a standout act you’d envision on the set of “Stranger Things.” Her performance at Lovedraft’s Brewing Co. was an emotional journey, marked by the electrifying opener “Bite Your Kiss” and moving through the haunting depths of “Haunted.” The yearning nostalgia of “1987” seamlessly transitioned into a powerful cover of Pat Benatar’s “Love Is a Battlefield,” showcasing Diamante’s ability to breathe new life into classic hits. Her set continued to captivate with the energetic “Coming in Hot,” the reflective “American Dream,” the introspective “Ghost Myself,” and concluded with the anthemic “War Cry.” Each song was a testament to Diamante’s vocal range and her band’s tight-knit musical prowess, creating a performance that was both a vivid display of her evolving artistry and a nod to the raw, unbridled energy of hard rock.

Starbenders, hailing from the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia, are the embodiment of glam rock infused with a modern twist. Formed in 2013, the band has been known for their androgynous aesthetic and a sound that pays homage to the likes of David Bowie while injecting their own unique flavor. With Kimi Shelter at the helm, Starbenders have released several records that have captured the hearts of those who long for the days of glitter and guitars, with a contemporary edge that keeps them relevant in today’s music scene.

Starbenders’ performance at Lovedraft’s Brewing Co. was a dazzling display of glam rock energy and style. Their performance featured a selection of tracks that showcased their unique sound, starting with the captivating “Blood Moon” and moving through the ethereal “Holy Mother.” The defiant anthem “BITCHES BE WITCHES” set the tone early, followed by the mesmerizing “Seven White Horses.” The set also included the sultry “Cherry Wine,” the introspective “The Game,” the provocative “Sex,” and concluded with the heartfelt “If You Need It.” The chemistry among the members was more tangible than ever, with Qi Wei’s debut on drums injecting a vibrant new energy into Starbenders’ already dynamic performance.

Nita Strauss, the evening’s headliner, is a force to be reckoned with in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Known for her technical prowess and dynamic stage presence, Strauss has been part of the Alice Cooper band and has carved out a successful solo career. Her debut solo album, Controlled Chaos, was a showcase of her guitar skills and songwriting abilities, earning her a spot among the top guitarists in the genre.

Nita Strauss’s performance at Lovedraft’s Brewing Co. was a tour de force, a true testament to her virtuosity on the guitar. Highlights from her set included the electrifying “Our Most Desperate Hour” and the intricate “Mariana Trench,” both from her acclaimed album Controlled Chaos. The crowd was treated to the uplifting “Alegria” and the intense “Pandemonium,” each showcasing Strauss’s technical skill and emotive playing. The set was punctuated by a dynamic drum solo that led into “The Quest,” further energizing the audience. Strauss also treated fans to her newer material, such as “The Wolf You Feed” and “The Golden Trail,” which were met with enthusiastic responses. Her performance of “Dead Inside” and the powerful closer “Victorious” solidified the night as an unforgettable experience. The inclusion of a cover of Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell” was a nod to her metal influences and a perfect capstone to a night of high-energy hard rock.

The event at Lovedraft’s Brewing Company was a celebration of hard rock, with each act bringing their own flavor to the genre. Anoxia set the stage, Diamante dazzled with her vocal range, Starbenders brought the glam, and Nita Strauss delivered a guitar masterclass. It was a night that exemplified the power and diversity of hard rock, leaving fans with ringing ears and hearts full of adrenaline. This tour stop was a clear indicator that the spirit of hard rock is alive and well, and its future is in capable hands.

Nita Strauss
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