Lancaster Roots & Blues Announces Return September 27-29

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Photo Credit: T. Cody Strubel

The Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival, a cornerstone event celebrating the rich history of blues music, is set to make a triumphant return this fall after a one-year hiatus. The festival’s hiatus was a result of funding challenges, but Rich Ruoff, the festival’s dedicated director, has taken a bold step to ensure its continuation. By selling his house and investing the equity into the festival, Ruoff has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the blues community and the cultural vibrancy of Lancaster city. The festival is scheduled to run from September 27-29, featuring over 60 musicians across more than half a dozen stages and venues within the city.

This year’s festival is particularly significant as it marks a period of resilience and renewal. Despite facing personal health challenges and financial difficulties, Ruoff’s determination has kept the festival’s spirit alive. His efforts underscore a deep belief in the festival’s value—not just as an entertainment event but as a cultural institution that enriches the community and supports artists.

The announcement of the festival’s return was made on its Facebook page, signaling a moment of celebration for blues enthusiasts and the Lancaster community. The festival will continue to showcase a diverse array of talent, from blues veterans to emerging artists, maintaining its reputation as a premier destination for blues music lovers.

Tickets for the Lancaster Roots & Blues Festival will be available for purchase at an upcoming concert featuring blues musician Popa Chubby at Zoetropolis Cinema Stillhouse. This event not only serves as a platform for ticket sales but also as a promotional opportunity for the festival. Early-bird ticket prices are set at $70 for a one-day pass and $185 for a three-day pass, with prices expected to increase in May. This pricing strategy aims to make the festival accessible to a wide audience while ensuring its financial sustainability.

Among the venues participating in the festival is Tellus360, along with Zoetropolis Cinema, highlighting the festival’s integration into Lancaster’s vibrant cultural scene. The festival’s return is a testament to the resilience of the blues genre and its ability to bring people together, offering a rich tapestry of musical experiences that resonate with audiences of all ages. This year’s 3-day event is poised to continue its tradition of showcasing exceptional blues music and contributing to the cultural richness of Lancaster city.

Purchase tickets here on 4/13:

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