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Asking Alexandria’s All My Friends Tour Featuring Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, & Nerv

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The All My Friends North American Tour, featuring a lineup studded with some of the most influential names in hard rock and metalcore, made a memorable stop at the Harrisburg Midtown Arts Center (HMAC) on Sunday, April 28th. This stop not only promised a night of intense performances but also a gathering of a community bound by a love for hard rock’s raw and emotive power. Asking Alexandria headlined the event, supported by Memphis May Fire, The Word Alive, and Nerv, each bringing their unique flavors to the stage.

Nerv, a relatively new face in the scene, has quickly carved out a niche with their energetic and evocative performances. Since their formation in 2017, Nerv has been known for their blend of alternative pop and rock, drawing comparisons to giants like Linkin Park and Bring Me The Horizon. Their performance at HMAC was a testament to their rising status, delivering songs that resonate with themes of personal struggle and triumph, much to the delight of the audience.

The Word Alive has been a significant player in the metalcore genre since their formation in 2008. Known for their technically sophisticated guitar work and the dynamic range of vocalist Telle Smith, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre. Albums like Deceiver and Violent Noise have cemented their reputation as innovators and stalwarts in the hard rock scene.

Taking the stage with a burst of energy, The Word Alive delivered a set that spanned their extensive discography. Highlights included “One Of Us” and “New Reality,” tracks that showcase their ability to blend melodic elements with hardcore metal roots. The crowd’s response was electric, with fans singing along to every word, proving the band’s lasting impact on their listeners.

Memphis May Fire has been a cornerstone of the metalcore genre since their emergence in 2006. With a sound characterized by heavy riffs, rhythmic complexity, and the emotive vocals of Matty Mullins, their music often explores themes of adversity and resilience. Albums like The Hollow and Challenger have been particularly influential, offering a blend of aggression and melody that defines the genre.

Memphis May Fire delivered an intense, raw performance at HMAC, featuring powerful renditions of “The Sinner” and “Chaotic.” The latter was notably dedicated to Matt Madiro, the drummer for From Ashes To New, who was present at the soundboard. These songs have risen to anthem status within the metalcore community. The band’s set was more than a display of musical skill; it was an emotional release that deeply resonated with the audience, underscoring their established reputation as veterans of the genre.

Asking Alexandria, the headliners, have been at the forefront of the metalcore movement since their formation in 2008. Known for their explosive live shows and the charismatic presence of lead vocalist Danny Worsnop, the band has undergone stylistic evolutions while maintaining a core of heavy, exhilarating music. Their journey from the raw aggression of Stand Up and Scream to the more melodic approach of their later albums illustrates a band that is unafraid to evolve and challenge genre norms.

Asking Alexandria took to the stage with a commanding presence, opening with “Closure” and diving into a set that mixed new hits with fan favorites. Worsnop’s vocal performance was a highlight, showcasing his ability to switch from savage screams to melodic singing seamlessly. The band’s performance was a perfect encapsulation of the tour’s spirit—celebratory, intense, and unifying.

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