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Godsmack Brings Their Intimate ‘Vibez Tour’ To The Hershey Theatre

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The ‘Vibez Tour’ by Godsmack has been captivating audiences across the music scene with its unique blend of acoustic and electric performances. This tour promises an intimate evening that not only showcases the band’s musical talents but also peels back the curtain to share untold stories from their captivating career. On Wednesday, May 1st, at the Hershey Theatre in Hershey, PA, the tour featured an intriguing addition—Bastian da Cruz, a rising star in the indie pop scene, adding a diverse flavor to the night’s rock festivities.

Hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, Bastian da Cruz has carved a niche in the music world with his infectious blend of pop and indie influences. Known for his soulful lyrics and captivating melodies, Bastian brings a fresh perspective to the pop genre, making significant waves far beyond his native Denmark. His music, characterized by its emotional depth and catchy hooks, offers a stark but harmonious contrast to the hard-hitting sounds of Godsmack, setting the stage for a night of diverse musical exploration.

Opening the night, Bastian da Cruz took the stage with an electrifying presence, delivering a set that resonated well with the audience. His performances of “Tell Me Who I Am” and “Traveling” were particularly standout, showcasing his ability to blend deep lyrical content with upbeat, engaging rhythms. The crowd, while primarily hard rock aficionados, responded with enthusiastic appreciation for Bastian’s polished performance and his ability to connect on a personal level through his music.

Godsmack, hailing from Lawrence, Massachusetts, has been a formidable force in the hard rock scene since their formation in 1995. Fronted by Sully Erna, and backed by Tony Rombola, Robbie Merrill, and Shannon Larkin, the band has delivered a series of chart-topping albums and hits that have become anthems in the rock community. Known for their raw and intense musical style, Godsmack’s journey from club gigs to mainstream success encapsulates the dream of every hard rock band.

Wednesday night at the Hershey Theatre, Godsmack truly redefined the essence of a live rock performance with their ‘Vibez Tour.’ As the venue darkened, the band kicked off with a mesmerizing cover of Pink Floyd’s “Time,” setting a high-energy tone right from the start. They seamlessly transitioned into “Love-Hate-Sex-Pain,” delivering the song with such intensity that it reverberated through the excited crowd.

The setlist was a perfect blend of Godsmack classics and surprising covers. “Voodoo” came next, casting its spell with its dark, rhythmic beats, followed by the enigmatic “Turning to Stone.” The band showcased their musical range with “Spiral” and “One Rainy Day,” songs that highlighted their ability to connect with the audience on a deeper level.

The night also included masterful covers of Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” and Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters,” each performed with a unique Godsmack twist. Fan favorites like “Serenity,” “Touché,” “Lighting Up The Sky” and “Growing Old” were interspersed throughout, leading up to their latest hit “Truth,” which was met with roaring applause.

The encore was nothing short of spectacular. “Under Your Scars” touched everyone with its poignant lyrics, followed by the high-octane “Bulletproof.” The finale was a breathtaking cover of The Beatles’ “Come Together,” complete with an outro snippet of “Stairway to Heaven,” leaving everyone in awe.

Each song was a chapter, each note a narrative, weaving together a story that resonated deeply with all of us present.

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