Hailing from Des Moines, Iowa, Holy White Hounds released their debut album Sparkle Sparkle on May 6th of this year. This alternative rock album has an indie feel to it and just listening to the songs will put you in a head-bopping mood.

The album starts off with Holy White Hounds’ single “Switchblade”. From the very beginning, you can’t help but move along to the beat of the bass line. It’s next that lead singer Brenton Dean, pulls the listener in with his smooth voice. From the hypnotic music to the vivid images that this song produces, everything about “Switchblade” will leave you wanting more.

As the album progresses, you get songs such as “Gaver Water” (which has a similar vibe to “Switchblade”), “Blind”, and “Ghost Arm”. “Ghost Arm” takes an interesting spin with the repetitive nature of the chorus. This makes for a catchy track that will be sure to get stuck in your head.

One of the more notable songs on the album is “Oh Mama”. This song has the most distinctive sound. With a slower tempo then the rest of the album, “Oh Mama” adds a bit more diversity to Sparkle Sparkle. Another distinctive song is “Laser Beams”. It is not only the shortest track of the album, but it also features female vocals as well. Between the female vocalist and Dean, the two almost bring a call and response feel to the track. Following “Crowds” and “Fake It”, “Black Lust” finishes off the album’s track list. Though the beginning sounds a tad hectic, this song not only resolves the chaos in the beginning, but the entire album as well.

Overall, Sparkle Sparkle is well balanced. There are a few songs that have a similar feel to them, but are no doubt catchy as all hell. If you’re looking for an album that will get you moving, then Holy White Hounds has just what you need.

For more information, go to holywhitehounds.com.

Look for Sparkle Sparkle on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon MP3.

Check out the music video for their hit single “Switchblade”.


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