In search of some new music? You should cross over to the other side of the pond and check out the newest album from a brilliant English band. Modern Ruin, second studio album was released this January. Fronted by Frank Carter, the band also includes Dean Richardson (guitar), Tom Barclay (bass), and Gareth Grover (drums).

Modern Ruin starts off with “Bluebelle”, a short track that leaves the listener begging for more. “Bluebelle” begins with a soft and slow melody, a good intro to highlight Carter’s unique sound before diving full force into the rest of the album. The next two songs, “Lullaby” and “Snake Eyes”, are high energy tracks that will make you want to get up and dance. One of the things that stands out for Modern Ruin, is the band’s play on the titles of their songs. Subtle hints are added to heighten the listening experience. For example, in “Snake Eyes”, the use of shakers gives the effect of a rattlesnake.

Another song that stands out is “Acid Veins”. This song in particular is a bit more laid back compared to the other songs on the album. It adds variety to a very fast paced and energetic album, by slowing down the pace and highlighting Carter’s voice, allowing his lyrics and unique sound to shine. Modern Ruin continues with their energy with songs like “God is My Friend” and “Jackals”.

The title track of the album, “Modern Ruin”, is the heaviest of all the tracks. This song is full of powerful vocals and driving rhythms that leave listeners head banging the entire time. Finishing out Modern Ruin is “Neon Rust”. Just as the beginning started off slow, the last track of the album brings the pace back down, perfectly wrapping up Modern Ruin with its powerful images and vocals.

Overall Modern Ruin is an album that has a little something for everyone. Its high-energy tracks are well balanced with the slower ones, creating a well rounded album.


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