Kansas City, Missouri’s is ready to make you dance with their new EP Retaliate. The band’s 11th release is full of electro-rock ear candy, ballsy lyrics, and some serious swagger.

Retaliate starts strong with the groovy and sexy “Sweat.” It’s peppered with electronic sounds, and driven by an infectious guitar riff. “Sweat” is a slow burn…building to a no-holds-barred chorus: “tease me, need me while the sweat runs down your chest…” This tune feels like an insane underground dance party you need a password to get into.

If you like “Sweat,” you’ll dig the rest of Retaliate. There isn’t a ton of variety, but owns their sound and executes it well. The album is mixed excellently; I recommend listening with headphones, so you don’t miss the effort put every corner of the world has created.

“There’s Not Much Left to Believe” is an angry, “I’ll show you” type of song. You’ll find mesmerizing lead guitar between the riffs, while Tak Kitara’s vocals drift between aggressive and haunting. The song “Liar” is another tune full of rage; a straightforward rocker with some cool electronic elements during the bridge.

Lyrically, “Pretty” is the standout of Retaliate, focusing on someone who needs constant validation from others. The message hits home in our social media-obsessed culture. Musically, at this point in the EP, you know what you’re getting: a tight guitar riff, with a cool lead weaving through it. A highlight to “Pretty” is backing vocals from bassist Skylar Kitara.

Retaliate’s epic closing song, “Supernova,” features the strongest guitar work on the EP, courtesy of Darrell Trussell and Kyle Potter. The riff and guitar effects really create a mood, and drummer Billy Alexander shines on this track as well. “Supernova” shows the band firing on all cylinders, and makes me want to hear more songs like it.

Retaliate is available now, and you can catch on tour this spring and summer.

05/11 @ Cafe Acoustic Concert Hall – St. Joseph, MO
05/12 @ The Outland Bar – Springfield, MO
05/26 @ The Rusty Needle – Hutchinson, KS
06/01 @ Aftershock – Merriam, KS
06/03 @ The Rail Club – Fort Worth, TX


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