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gained fame with the release of their song “Switchblade” off of their debut album Sparkle Sparkle in 2016. Now, just two years later, they’ve come out with a second full-length album Say It With Your Mouth. This album boasts 12 songs and a “Thirsty” intro and outro which isn’t seen very often.

If you’ve ever had a chance to meet the guys behind the music, you know that they are a laid back bunch of guys who just like to have a good time. This attitude is represented in the overall sound of the album but, if you listen closely to the lyrics, some deeper undertones come through.

Say It With You Mouth is overall an up beat, eclectic mix of artistry with creative lyrics and a sound unique to . “No Teeth” creates an interesting visual, with a “heartbeat, bare feet, yellow fang, no teeth.” “Violence” puts this “universal language” into a different perspective. The album even features guitarist Dave Keuning (of The Killers) in their song “What I Am.”

Musically, this album is a good progression from Sparkle Sparkle. It brings back some of the best sounds of the 90’s grunge era. All the songs will keep you moving in your seat or bobbing your head in the car. Be prepared to get sucked in!

You can check out their music video for “Perpetrator” here:  

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