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The ‘Victorious War’ Tour with co-headliners Skillet and Sevendust is in full swing! Backed by Devour the Day and Pop Evil, this show is one that you can’t miss! Rock Documented covered the show at Freedom Hall in Lancaster, PA last week and we were blown away by their solid performances.

Openers Devour the Day started the night hot with a strong lead set. With heavy hitters “The Bottom” and “Good Man,” they really got the night started.

Pop Evil was up next and began with singles “Boss’s Daughter” and “Deal with the Devil.” Drummer Hayley Cramer was amazing to watch. It was a special moment when lead singer Leigh Kakaty’s son came out on stage for “Waking Lions” and sang along with his father. The set ended with Blake Allison of Devour the Day joining in for “Trenches” as Kakaty made his way off the stage and onto the crowd, held up by the audience for most of the song.

The stage went dark just before Sevendust took the stage. Vocal music was piped in and the crowd anxiously awaited what was to come next. As they made their way onto the stage, they called the audience to, “make some noise,” and the audience erupted in response. They played a full 14-song set and included many of their singles, “Denial,” “Waffle,” and “Pieces”– to name a few. “Angel’s Son” was dedicated to a long-time fan that had passed away just a few days prior. Aside from that, the entire performance was on fire. They closed out with “Thank You” and left the crowd yearning for more.

Luckily, Skillet wasn’t far behind! Starting out strong with “Feel Invincible” and “Not Gonna Die,” the audience was quickly captivated. Known for their high-energy performances, they took it to the next level when lead-singer John Cooper came out bearing hand-held smoke cannons. Their set was impressive and included hits “Hero,” “Comatose,” and “Monster.” As expected, they also included “Legendary,” “Save Me,” and “Anchor” from their newly released album,Victorious. They ended the night with an explosive encore performance of “Rebirthing.”

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