Review of Lonely Dakota’s EP, ‘End of Days’

Review of Lonely Dakota’s EP, ‘End of Days’

Lonely Dakota is a UK band that describes their sound as Indie-Alt-Southern Rock. Their EP, End of Days, was released on June 28, 2019. 

The EP begins with “Victoria”, a power ballad that is both beautiful and melancholy as it seduces you with poetry set to music.The lyrics are exceptional for a ballad, and the arrangement is tight. It’s a well thought out beginning for this EP. 

Next up is the title track, “End of Days”. The song begins with what can only be described as a tutorial on how far an accomplished guitarist can stretch his fingers. Check out their video on Instagram and you’ll quickly understand. Luke Varndell is working from the 3rd fret on his guitar clean across the 7th fret! He produces a terrifying sound that reminds me of a wooden roller coaster barreling down the tracks. It will pull you into a fast adventure of good lyrics and a strong production as it twists and turns, up and down on its journey to the End of Days

“Medication” is easily my favorite! It has that perfect summertime groove to it. Reminds me of hurdling down the small town backroads of my youth, windows down and music blasting. This could easily be a radio hit for me. 

Next up is “Overdrive”, where the southern rock is on the back burner as they go into full-on heavy metal mode. Gone are the small town back roads as we open it up on a classic head- bangin’ drum-driven, guitar-wailing highway ride. Not sure if the vocals are echoing the guitar playing or vice versa, but it works! 

“15 years” is a track that took some time to feel right in my head. At first it reminded me of an old Skid Row song, but the more I listened to it, the more I felt the uniqueness of it. It has a more modern feel, but maintains that rough edge. This one will grow on you. 

Keep your eye on these guys. They’ve got great skills and the potential to stand out from the crowd of Indie-Rockers. 

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