ODDFELLAS Release Self-Titled, Debut EP

ODDFELLAS Release Self-Titled, Debut EP

ODDFELLAS is a Texas 4-pc band consisting of Drake Fisher on Lead Vocals, Dako Ryan Esparza on Guitar, Lino Alcaraz on Bass and Mason Galavis on Drums.  They are a Rock N’ Roll band from Pampa, TX with a Southern Rock, Blues, Alternative feel. 

The EP starts out with the song, “Reason”, a hard-driving, psychedelic gem of a first cut. This one is easily the most radio friendly of the tracks and should do very well for them. The Official Music Video for this song is available and I urge you to check it out! The set consists of the band’s black silhouettes playing against an outrageous backdrop of pink and violet lights. Just watching these silhouettes bang their heads, hair flying, guitars screaming is completely entertaining. I smile and laugh every time I watch this. Rock Therapy for the troubled soul!, 

“Blame” is a drum-driven powerhouse! Mason just tears it up on this song! It also has great tempo changes, with Drake’s voice just soaring at times. I absolutely love the way the tune slows down to a somnolent melody at the end. 

“Walk on By” is a very bluesy song. It reminds me of an old Memphis ballad that was given a hard edge, driving beat, and a new soul. Listen closely to the lyrics on this one. There is also a radio edit for the more sensitive ears. 

“Disguise” is my favorite track. It starts out with this slow “Texas Blues” feel and gradually builds, embracing you like an old friend. Best way to listen: eyes closed and on your feet, grimace on your face and moving like you don’t care (cue the Joe Cocker imagery).

 The final cut on this EP is “Dead.” There are several guitar riffs in this one where Dako just slays it! The sound itself on this one is very unique. It’s got a little bit of Soundgarden, mixed with the Black Crowes feel to it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this EP, and hope that you do too. I’ll end my review with this thought: The definition of “odd” is, “Differing markedly from the usual or expected.” ODDFELLAS certainly embodies that thought. There is nobody out there playing this exact type of music. It is not usual or expected. It is unique and unexpected. Well done, boys. 

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