Black Heart Saints is a quality, no-frills hard rock band out of Austin, TX. Their sound is creatively their own. If I were to describe it, I would have to say it reminds me musically of Velvet Revolver and vocally of Tesla. With a wink of respect to the band, they are Velvet Tesla to my ears! 

Black Heart Saints is:

John Ross on vocals

Mark Sean on guitars

Nathan Flores on drums

Ian CG on bass 

Their first track on this EP is “Lines”. This is a perfect choice for track 1. It grabs your attention right away. John’s vocals are driving a steam roller of a song! It has a classic hard rock feel, full of attitude, emotion and musicianship. Mark and Nathan lay down a driving beat that keeps this screamer moving along at a furious pace. It just puts you in the passenger seat for an incredible ride. 

The second track, “Crazy”, is heavier and more percussion driven. However, I can hear Ian’s bass between all the notes. This one is his showcase. Bass is often an understated instrument, hiding somewhat in the background, giving counter- melody to a song. Listen closely to” Crazy”, put in your earbuds and relax. You’ll soon hear Ian’s bass beneath everything. It’s the undercurrent…the riptide, pulling you further from shore as you ride this wave of a song. Extremely….Well…Done! 

The third track is a creative adaptation of Robert Palmer’s 1985 pop hit, “Addicted to Love.” You can feel the joy as the boys put their own spin on this, giving it an edgier, earthier feel. This is a very fun song to listen to. I would love to hear this remake on the radio! 

The title track, “Misery,” concludes this EP. The band plays their hearts out on this one, and again, even though it’s called “Misery,” you can feel the joy that this group has when performing. Everyone’s talents are front and center on this track. You can’t help but tap your feet and shake your fist along to this one. It has such a catchy, groovy feel, which will have you longing for more long after the song ends (just hit replay, folks). The slow Southern Rock ending is simply perfect. 

To sum it all up: download this EP, tell your friends about it, support this band and follow Black Hearts Saints on social media. You won’t regret it. 

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