Minnesota based, cinematic rock band COYOTE KID has announced the release of their hotly anticipated concept album, Skeleton Man. Funded in large part through fan support via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, Skeleton Man introduces fans to the dark world first revealed in the debut single, “Femme Fatale.” 

Coyote Kid is: 

Vocals/Guitar – Austin Durry 

Vocals/Keyboard – Cassandra Valentine 

Bass/Vocals – Austin Wilder 

Trombone – John Baumgartner 

Drums – Kian Dziak 

Soaring, dramatic, and visceral is how I would describe Minneapolis based Coyote Kid’s sound. Austin Durry’s voice, at times a slow, melancholy growl, is perfectly offset by Cassandra Valentine’s smooth and haunting tone. Her voice reminds me at times of Alison Krauss, but with a strong, dark edge. This collaboration of tones is beautiful and terrifying! With the driving guitars, spell-binding bass and percussion, and resounding brass instruments this has a feel to it unlike anything I’ve ever heard. At times I felt like I was being pulled into this other-worldly cinematic tragedy. It’s as if you were being lured into a old western movie, with Ennio Morricone’s score as the backdrop, then fast- forwarded to El Mariachi via way of Pulp Fiction and Stephen King’s “The Dark Tower”. I know that sounds like a lot to understand, but let me tell you that this absolutely works! This is a beautiful rock opera with a clear beginning, movement and finale. Every song on this album has been created and placed in exactly the right sequence to the other tracks so that you experience the story as it should be. This journey takes you through despair, madness, redemption and reward. There is something in here for everyone. 

I will admit that “Strange Days” is my favorite track. It’s very ethereal and will haunt you long after the song ends. 

I highly recommend this album. Listen to it…experience it….tell your friends! 

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