A Killer’s Confession (AKC) recently released their sophomore endeavor, The Indifference of Good Men, which you can now find under the Metal category on Apple Music and other music outlets.  The band which first formed in 2016 has followed up their original debut album, Unbroken, with a power house effort which showcases the complexity and experience of the band’s song writing and musicianship.  The band which consists of Waylon Reavis-vocals, Morgan Bauer-Drums, JP Cross-Bass, Mark Alexander-Rhythm Guitar and Brock Starr-Lead Guitar starts off the new disk with a melodic and ferocious tune called “It’s Not Too Late”.  This gives us our first taste of the intricate storytelling that’s to come with the other 12 songs on the album.

The next track, “Numb”, is their only official video release to date.  This song is deeply emotional and brings attention to the suicide epidemic prevalent in our society today.  There are two other lyric videos that support the album, “Angel on the Outside” and “Reanimated”. The first, a soft and heavy mix creating an angelic feeling with expert riffs blended in.  Reanimated has a unique rappy feel which samples a multitude of genres for a modern yet still rocking feel.

“The Shore” is a heartbreaking tune using Reavis’ vocals to convey the hopelessness and despair emanating thru the provoking lyrics.  “One More Step” which follows is an in your face head banging rager with alternating beats and a tribal feel. This one definitely had a Rob Zombie feel.

Many of the tracks had interesting layers of electronics blended with lots of guitar and solid percussion support.  The album overall is strong and should be well received by a wide audience due to the variety and strength of the songs.  AKC has not taken the easy, cookie cutter, approach to their craft. They are thought provoking and mature in their presentation.  The final touch to complete this collection is a raw stripped down version of their single, “Numb”. This one highlights the vocal talents of Reavis and allows the listener to fully connect to the song.

In total, this is an excellent album that should be in rotation for fans of Mushroomhead, Rob Zombie, Soil, Drowning Pool, Pink Floyd and the like.  The band played a record release show for their home town in Cleveland, Ohio but currently have no plans to tour. Let’s hope that changes soon because this body of work needs to be showcased to and appreciated by the masses.

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